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    Also, here's our browser games collection, for those who are playful.
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I received these via snail mail from tiltjlp and attempted to call druadic and tiltjlp but had no luck. There is a special ReadMe file from tiltjlp inside each of the .zip files!

Tables available at the brand spanking new (under contruction) Flipperless.com and uploaded to shivaSite.
(A note about Flipperless.com, If you previously had a User Name at the Magic Of Flipperless forums, you can login with that Username and do not have to register!)
Click on the Table name for screenshots!

Information about these tables from druadic:


Bonanza, 1935 Exhibit Supply Company (pin machine) - BRAND NEW!!!
A SINGLE BALL PAYOUT that was quite a simple but fun machine. Bonanza was a full sized pin machine that was much harder than it looked. This payout machine is just as much fun as Mammoth, Target or Silver Streak! (version A) - under 650kb zipped.
* SAVES the amount of winnings you've made with the amount of games played!

Hit The Goal, 1931 Hercules Novelty Company (pin machine) - BRAND NEW!!!
5 balls for 1 cent on a very simplistic tabletop payout machine! Play the game and do your best to gain your penny back for another try! Just as much fun as Bonanza but only 1/4 the size! (version A) under 310kb zipped.
* SAVES the amount of winnings you've made with the amount of games played!

Flip It!
A CLASSIC puzzle game from the 70's and 80's makes a comeback! Remember holding that little sliding puzzle in your hands and wishing to hell you could finish it? Now you can thanks to Visual Pinball, Randy Davis' amazing program! Choose numbers OR letters and go for it! Choose numbers or letters, then shuffle the tiles as many times as you wish and have fun! (version E) - under 300kb zipped.
* Saves your best moves!

Face To Face - NEW!!! (Author's FAVORITE!)
One heck of a fun puzzle game that requires the player to place lettered tiles with numbers to fit one way into the game board. With FOUR difficulty settings, you'll find that Face To Face is a game that will keep you coming back to play again and again! (version A) - under 300kb zipped.
- Saves ALL scores for each of the four difficulty settings!
- No game is EVER the same! Each game is always randomized for maximum puzzle fun!
- FOUR difficulty levels that range from Easy, Average, Hard and Near Impossible.