5 Star (Universal Industries Inc., 1951) VP8

VP8 EM Bingo Flipperless Recreation 5 Star Bingo released v1.0 2020-01-28

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Patrick & tiltjlp have released the grand daddy of Bingos, namely Universal's 1951 5 Star Bingo. This beauty led to both 6 card and Magic Screen bingos. Our version provides an adjustable speed plunger and enhanced nudging, but we left out tilting, to give players a fighting chance.

Unique to 5 Star, and seen on few other Bingos, is a drain hole, making it just that much harder to score three in a row, much less a T or an X for major replays. For added fun, we have provided you with three ways to track scoring, Credits, Lines, and Score.

Nudge this link to cash in on this playable piece of pinball history: http://www.pinballnirvana.com/modul...pDownload&file=index&req=viewsdownload&sid=14


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Thanks to both of you for 5 Star!
I had a chance to play it and you guys did a fine job, it's very fun and addictive, but I'm not a big fan of adding sounds to it..

Check out the Flyer,...Sensationally Different! :D


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Good to know we got it right, since neither of us have seen one in real life. I'm not too keen about adding sounds either, but most folks expect some. I do try not to go overboard too much. Glad you like it.

tiltjlp said:
I'm not too keen about adding sounds either, but most folks expect some. I do try not to go overboard too much.

I have to respectfully disagree, This is a 1951 Bingo recreation and I would not expect voices or added sounds of any kind...
You cound be right for once :p Jon. Let me know what the actual sounds were and I'll see about an update. Better yet, if you have any appropriate sounds, sent them my way.

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