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50/50 (Bally 1965) Soon from Leon and IR Pinball


Pinball Player
Damn close to finished and almost ready for testing and release.
50/50 (Bally 1965)



What happened to Oh Boy you ask?
Well it is still going but, a couple of things were not working out and I cracked the shits with it so, I have left it aside for the moment and WILL return to finish it soon.


PN co-founder
Never heard of this one, but I never was that keen on Bally's. I always took more notice of Gottlieb's and Wms. Seems to be a lot of real estate between those flippers. Nice looking work Leon.


Add-a-ball specialist
Site Supporters
Yep, it looks great! One of the best things about FP is being able to see the whole backglass and it's nice to see the cabinet art too.


Pinball Player
Zerhino said:
Nice, nice, very nice.
Nine mushy bumpers on this one...has that been beat?

Nope. This hold the record for the most mushies used in a bally game.
Did you know Bally's are the only tables with mushy bumpers?
They patented the design when they made them.

Shockman said:
Is that pic with shadows off? Reflections on the glass, but not on the playfield?

There are reflections on the playfield. I just "toned" them down a tad and you can't "tone" down the backglass reflection.

TheManFromPOST said:
Coolies, I just bought the backglass to this machine
mucho interested in playing it Smile

So you won that E-Bay auction eh?
I saw that and if I had an E-Bay account and the spare cash I would have had a go myself. :D
Not your fault posty but, the only 2 people to reply at the VPF have done nothing but, complain about FP. You wonder why I don't go there much anymore.

That aside I thank those who have responded here.
A quick tip: It won't be easy.

Pop Bumper Pete

Pinball Pirate
Site Supporters
Leo, I would have replied at VPF but I saw this thread first, no point in saying the same stuff twice

It is a nice backglass, the red has faded, but all reds seem to do that, some of the paint has cracked where the lights come through, but it is not getting worse :)

I plan on building a frame and lighting it up, should look good


Pinball Wizard
Can't believe my ever lovin' eyes. :D
What a stunning table.
Thanks for your 1st FP table,Leon. :thumright:


Flipper is good for you!
Site Supporters
As you reconsider your position with IRPinball, I'm now waiting with a great interest your table in the VIP section...
I had never played (and seen) this pinball, so, I'm really impatient...
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