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VP8 Support File Tutorial 8 Demo Tables Added to PN


PN co-founder
I've added 8 more demos to the Tutorials And Support Files download section at Pinball Nirvana. These are not actually new demos, most of not all have been hosted by shivaSite in the past. With the problems that have beset shivaSite, I figured it might be a good idea to add as many demos as I could to PN, just in case.

6 of the newly added demos are by Bendigo, one is by Haky, and one isn't identified, and are a spinning light demo, a mushroom bumper demo, ones on spinning balls, thick ramps, gobble holes, wire gates, saucers and realistic kickers. I know that there are many other demos and template tables available, and any author who would allow Pinball Nirvana to host their work of this kind may upload them into the Tutorials And Support Files section. You might check that section first, to make sure that PN doesn't already host it.

Anyone who does upload any files at Pinball Nirvana should note that there should be no spaces in the zipped filename, and that only the Underline _ should be used as a word separator. I have invited Rockinghorse to both add and borrow any of these files they wish to, to assure that we always have more than one site hosting these important and useful resources. May all our site live long live and of course prosper. I think that cooperation between our sites is vital to the community.

First 4 screenshots are below.



  • gobblehole.jpg
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  • kickers.jpg
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  • mushroom.jpg
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  • rollspin.jpg
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PN co-founder
The other 4 screenshots.


  • wiregate.jpg
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  • thickramp.jpg
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  • spinlight.jpg
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  • saucer.jpg
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