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A book suggestion, a great New Years gift.

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A writing friend of mine, a women who I mentored during the early stages of her writing career, has just self-published a book, which I happened to edit. [sure hope the typesetter did a good job] Her book, “The People of Eclipse Clinic . . . Methadone, where addicts discovered hope”, is a balanced account of what went on inside one small town clinic over a 5 year period. While there are a few stories of victory, a few more of failure, for the most part the book tells of the day-to-day struggle an ex-addict has trying to stay not only clean but sober.

I began editing the book with some strong negative opinions about addicts in general, but little if any real knowledge or information. I now have an understanding that addicts often become addicts through the use of powerful medicines for pain management as a result of serious injury. Taken as a group, addicts, or almost any group, can seem daunting, but taken case by case, many of these people are simply you or me caught up in a sad spiral and need help escaping the nightmare they find themselves living. At the time covered in the book, Methadone Maintenance was the only approved treatment for such addictions. Since, a few alternative treatments have been tried but as far as I know, none of them have been approved for long-term use.

The People of Eclipse Clinic is a tragic story, one that any of us could be a part of, or at least know someone who is involved. You’ll laugh at times, and cringe, as well as feeling every other emotion, as you read this all too true slice of life. I doubt anyone can read this book and not be touched by the courage and struggle these people exhibit. The price is only $12.95 including postage. Anyone who is interested in obtaining a copy can get the address of the author by sending me a PM, or an e-mail to zifbob@current.net.

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