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VP8 Bally SS Recreation A slight bugfix for Scapinos CV 2.1

Solid State Machines


Pinball Wizard
After PacDude got some more speed out of my table, I was aware that the fadeing lights were not fadeing, (even in the original release!)

The problem was I did a check for FadeLightsEnabled with a boolean (true false) instead of 1, 0, as the variable was saved. They should be interchangeable (true = 1 false = 0), but in VP they are not (always). Sometime it works and sometimes it doesnt.

Any way,....

I fixed that problem, and retained PD's 100 ms timer for the "No Fadeing Lights" state.

Now when you choose Fadeing Lights Enabled, they fade, AND are updated everytime VPM requires. When you choose Fadeing Lights Disabled, the lights are updated every 100ms, and dont fade, giving a speed increase.

If you have a fast machine, and want all the eye candy, turn the fadeing lights on.

I was able to do this all in the external script, so you dont have to download the whole table again. This script wont work with table version 2.0, as there is no 100ms timer in it.

Heres the script attached. UNZIP it to the same place you have the table and the old script. Answer YES to overwrite the old one.




  • scapinoscvscriptupdate_2.1.zip
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