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A thankyou letter from tiltjlp....


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I received this letter from tiltjlp today and he requested that it be posted on the forums for him.

"tiltjlp Lives On

In case anyone still gives a tinkers dang, I thought I'd let you know that I'm alive and doing reasonably well since leaving both the Internet and VP. On 10/16/03, I finally received a CD and a diskette with some of the posts concerning my departure, and I must say that I was blown away. I never would have imagined that sort of response . . . to be honest I'm surprised that any but a handful of you even noticed I was gone. But even more amazing is the offer to help me fund a return to VP, which was very much appreciated. Later on, I'll explain why I have to thank you all but decline your generous offer.

Some of you seemed to make me out to be the greatest thing since sliced bread, but I was simply an old coot with a lot of time on my hands. And since I knew I'd have to give up the Internet and VP eventually, I was simply trying to get as much done while I still could. Spending less time online wouldn't have made any difference, although my leg and circulation problems wouldn't have been as bad, other health issues, such as a deteriorating spine and extremely severe arthritis, progress at their own pace. I could list all my health problems, but I don't want sympathy, and y'all have your own problems, anyway. And while I'm not at death's door, I am not and will never be able to return to VP.

Even if it was possible for me to return, I'd need a laptop, a separate phone line, and would need to have my monthly phone bill paid for me, since my only income is from government paid disability. Since I've never had phone service in my name here, installation and set up costs would be close to $200, and the monthly bill would be around $40. Add to that a laptop, and it gets a bit pricey. If it was simply a matter of one time start up fees, that might be OK, but I would never accept that sort of continuing monies from anyone.

I'm not as isolated as you might think. I correspond regularly with Pinman, Will, and JonPurpleHaze, and have heard from my buddy Bob. There are a few other close friends I haven't heard from since I left, so here is my contact information, in case anyone would like to write: John Patton, 2432 Kennon Avenue, Norfolk, VA 23513-4317, USA. Letter postage to the UK is eighty cents US, I'm not sure about anywhere else. All according to how many folks would write, I'll answer everyone as in as timely a manner as my supply of postage stamps allows. JPH has sent me a collection of all the tables released since I left, so in time I'll be able to see what everyone's been up to, and I might even rave about the cream of the crop later on.

But don't think I'm just lazing around waiting for the end. I'm reading a lot, which has always been one of my passions. Among the books I'm wading though are histories of both the American Civil War and the 1st World War, the collected stories of Bernard Malamud, one of my favorites, and the best by Ray Bradbury, as selected by Bradbury. I'm also rereading Woody Allen, who is a much better writer than a film maker. I also read a good bit of Zen and Buddhist work, which helps with my meditation. And I've even found a few things on TV worth watching.

As for writing, besides this sort of thing, which usually takes a few days to a week to complete, I'm writing poetry, which is my first passion. But only when I have something worth saying. I will include my newest poems on this CD to JPH, in case he would like to make them available to everyone.

So, yes, I'm doing well enough, and I do miss the friends I made while I was active with VP. But I don't miss the name calling, or the infighting and squabbles that were always breaking out. Some of you considered me a peacemaker, but mostly I simply did not let all the pettiness I saw affect me. There will always be people who spout off, hidden behind a computer screen, and some who like to stir things up and see the sparks fly. I couldn't ignore it all, but most of the time I did just that, ignored all the bull. So in spite of what some of you may think, you don't really need me, you simply need thicker skins, and the ability to notice BS.

So, write me if you'd like, I'd enjoy hearing from anyone. But I can and will get along OK if you don't. And if you're still not happy with the state of affairs within the VP community, fix the problems yourself, just like I tried to do. As for the money you might have been willing to send my way, donate it to one of the forums, or buy something nice for yourself, or someone special, or, it you're crazy enough, send it my way, I could always use a few extra bucks.

Be well, be creative, and be peaceful.

John Patton, tiltjlp"

Note from JonPurpleHaze: The CD I sent to John did not contain any references to and/or Tables for his Christmas CD being compiled by Rockinghorse and Anthias! Doh! It also did not contain The VP Program, I assumed he had it, but his new letter mentioned he deleted it accidentally so he can't play any of the Tables that I sent him...:(

tiltjlp's new poem collection (zip file) can be found here:

tiltjlp's new Article called Penny Arcade Memories can be found here:
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