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Added new Front Page Articles


PN co-founder
Although our article on The Evolution of Flippers, legal problems pinball has faced over the years, and Introduction To Counter Top Games proved popular with nearly 400 reads since Christmas, it was time for a change.

I have replaced them with two articles by Russ Jensen, Pinball Scoring Themes and The Evolution Of The Bumper, and a short introduction to BJ's How-To-Series. Hope you enjoy the new reading material.



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Thanks Bro! :salut:

When flipperless.com (Now Pinball Nirvana, was The Magic of Flipperless) was initiated I really wanted the focus to be on Pinball's evolution and history and Russ's articles are fantastic!

BJ's how to series has been a staple of this site and The Magic of Flipperless, It was my vp "bible" for a long time, Thanks BJ!

Be sure to check out BJ's GYBO (Get Your Bootleg On) Table :
Right-click, save target as...
Text files included in the zip file are excellent, as is BJ!


PN co-founder
I agree with you Jon that the history of Pinball is important. To that end, I have havested selected aeticles from the old Silverball News site and will be adding them the site, as well as probably featuring a few of them on the Front Page at times. I plan to do the same with all of Russ Jensen's articles, a good number which we already have.



PN co-founder
Just a quick note that I have added 3 new articles to the front page for those who enjoy reading about Pinball. One article is an older pice by Dave Marston I found while surfing. But the one I think is must reading is Pinvangelist by Jon Shanahan. These will remain up till sometime around the end of the year, at which time I hope to post articles, new or old, about the History of pinball.