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VP8 Bally EM Recreation Aladdin's Castle (Bally 1976) v1.0W

Electro-Mechanical Machines


Perfectionist Bastard
Woohoo...and in this case, whooops!

Aladdin's Castle 1.0W is now released, and I appear to have forgotten to post it here!

Caveats: Reels, Decals and Textboxes seem to have this nasty habit of drifting from their locations when this game is played between multiple computers -- not my fault, folks! If you don't like the way things are situated, well, then, move 'em! Table's unlocked. Ditto for if you don't like the flipper strength/speed or table slope, have at. I'm not proud, not in that regard. You can also change 3 and 5 ball replay scores in there.

It makes use of BallyCams/emCORE, and don't forget the font pack.

I have already been made aware of some things which need to be changed/added, but don't let that scare you away from commenting on it. As I've mentioned elsewhere, "if you don't tell me it's broken, I can't fix it."

'R' key for rules, and if you're in game over mode, you'll get your choice of 'OK' and 'Cancel'. If you hit 'OK', you'll enter a settings menu. Follow the directions (left/right/up/down to change things, and END to save and exit).

And if it's too dark, well, switch the backglass image to AC-VPBGday, and adjust the reel background colour as you see fit.

I think next time I'll just release the "day" version and leave it at that, although I think I have a workable "night" version right now, so who knows...



[to the powers that be: It would probably be good if emCORE/BallyCams got put in the "Essential Files" section, and I don't know if the complete font package includes the Franklin Gothic series, so you may wish to add those fonts as well. It's almost impossible, by the way, to get ALL the fonts ever used on ALL the pinball machines, unless you have a list, but all the Reel fonts is doable.

I'll consider the table to be truly released here as soon as I see it in the download section, if it's not already. And my sincere apologies for not releasing it here earlier -- I thought IRPinball/Pinball Nirvana were more or less one and the same, just slightly different branches! Mea culpa.


  • emcore-ballycams.zip
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  • ac_fonts.zip
    883.4 KB · Views: 334


PN co-founder
Well Wolf, better late than never, I guess. Although it would have been nice if you had said you had saved the best for last. Well, as for the emcore and Bally cams, what I'll do is combine them with the AC fonts and add them to the Tutorial and Support Files DL section. As for the table, since it has that cool covered mini loop, it does qualify for addition to the Unusual Flipper Treatments section, but it's too big for me to upload with my dial up service, so feel free to add it yourself.



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Staff member
Thanks much for Alladin's Castle!

FYI, I also work on IRP and originally added it there.

I've removed the combined Fonts and BallyCams file tiltjlp uploaded, I believe these files should be kept seperate.

Alladin's Castle has been added to the downloads with links to the Font file and a link to the BallyCams file in the Tutorials and Support file area.

Kindly let me know if anything needs to be changed and Thanks Again!



Perfectionist Bastard
One thing: Spelling is 'Aladdin's Castle' -- one L, two Ds. Check IPDB if you are in doubt.

And a general note: 1.1W is in the works already. I have found some things and added some effects. :m&mthing: <- and that is a 7-up spot, not an M&Mthing. :)


Site Nudger
Staff member
Greywolf said:
One thing: Spelling is 'Aladdin's Castle' -- one L, two Ds. Check IPDB if you are in doubt.

And a general note: 1.1W is in the works already. I have found some things and added some effects. :m&mthing: <- and that is a 7-up spot, not an M&Mthing. :)

Thanks for the typo and smilie corrections!
Pinball Nirvana has the Night (Gallery) and Day (Downloads) screenshots on the site:



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