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All of Shiva's Tables Here


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As you may know, I will be leaving shortly to concentrate on my new site and community, and will be closing the old one down for good shortly. That host has also messed up the site pretty good, so a lot of files will not load, and I need to use the software for my new endeavour.

Other tables and files are scattered throughout the internet, and in the case of the last releases, were deleted due to inactivity. As sad as that is, it's still worthy of downloading, and there are a couple things that I have found that hasn't been seen in a long time.

Thanks to JPH, I have decided to use the webspace he set up a long time ago, and loaded in all the stuff in my archives that was released, and I could find. I do not guarantee they may work, they should be all fine, but this was a simple dump of files.

I will be doing posts on each section, but I have set up a index file that points to all the files. All of the VP, VPM, se series tables are here, as well as Playboy xse and even the old se2-a7 table, that would require some work in the editor. (This is a older version, I lost the actual release version due to a hard drive crash) The se2-A7 was the test table for shivaEngine2, and was also the experiments I did for Trigon.

There's also documents, sounds, and vps files, as I said, just a straight dump.

It's not pretty, but it works.


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You uploaded your resources too... that is nice, shiva!


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I tried playboy xse; smooth...Thanks...Seems like shiva knows somethings that others do not...yet.....maybe it´s just me ....;)


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Thanks Shiva! I was missing the se2. Those scripts will be very helpfull to learn a little more about scripting. When I was halfways with the Disarmageddon's script I wished I had used one of our engines.


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Just would like to add that people are using the PM system for requests. I will state that I am retired, and would appreciate it if people understand that I will not be doing any thing for this community anymore. I am leaving it in place only for certain people to get in contact with me, and nothing else. If you have a request to me that is VP related, the answer is no.

Also, because VP is now a commercial product, at least by my definition, I will not allow any use or modification of any of my tables/graphics/sounds that can be used with a commercial product. I have requested that none of my tables be converted to 16:9 for that reason, and that none of my tables be uploaded elsewhere. I have changed my sig so people can find my little section if they are that interested.

I hope that the people that have decided to take charge respect my wishes.


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Thanks shiva for the library - it is sad that you are retired, but I can understand. Best of luck with your new endeavours.

I hope you get as much enjoyment out of them as your many VP contributions brought to so many people.


a salute to a great person/ programmer

Sad to see you leave, I just got here, too! I hope your future endeavors work out for you! great site, man do I have a lot of d/loading to do! I don't suppose you dumped all that into one 'rar' file for d/load ease huh?
you even included all the resources. woohoo! um, we can still use your sounds and stuff in our own pins though, yes? You mention that since VP has/is going commercial no changes can be done, but I just want to borrow samples for my own pins, is that allowed?
Well, while I'm always sad to see people leave, (espescially great coders and likeable people such as yourself) I wish you again the best of luck and good health in all that you do!
Godspeed Sir Shiva; may the Force be with you
Live Long and Prosper and Nanu Nanu!


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It isn't pretty you said? Don't worry, it has all the great stuff and suits the purpose. You deserve the biggest thank you. Good luck and all the best