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Alternative to XP SP2


Pinball Player
Hi All,

Here in Australia, PC User Magazine has released it's own "XP SP2" alternative package known as the "PC User's SP TOO".

It is free with their September issue and has the following packages.

Quote - PC User - "If you don't want to install Windows Service Pack 2, Our essential SecurityPack features free firewalls, antivirus programs, alternative browsers and more to keep your PC safe and secure." - End Quote

PC User's SP TOO - contents


About:Buster 1.32
Ad-aware Standard Edition
AVG Anti-Virus 7.0
CWShredder 1.59.1
HijackThis 1.97
IE View 0.8 (beta) Mozilla extension
Mailwasher Pro 4.1
Mozilla 1.7.2
Mozilla Firefox 0.9.3
Mozilla Thunderbird 0.7
Norton Internet Security 2004
Opera 7.53
SpoofStick for Firefox
SpoofStick for Internet Explorer
Spybot - Search and Destroy 1.3
ZoneAlarm Free


Not a bad selection and with other items available from the Magazine it makes the XP problem a bit more bearable. I'm not sure if the pack is available without buying a magazine but their Web Site is www.pcuser.com.au

Just thought I'd mention it.