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Always have to be some jerks around, I guess


PN co-founder
Something I've noticed lately that really peeves be off is what has happened to IRP's Guest Book. If you've never looked at it, the idea is to allow visitors to IRP to leave meassages about their favorite tables, eras, or simply to say thanks to us authors. Sometimes folks will even ask questions, and eventually get answers. I have always found it to be a nice way to spend a few minutes, until recently.

For some reason, a jerk, and I'm hoping it's just one fool, has been spamming it with page after page of nonsensical characters, and now, with profanity. I simply can't uinderstand why anyone would waste their time doing something like this. Sure, it's not that big of a deal, but still, why would anyone be that much of a jerk in beyond me.


PN co-founder
Could be, but it's been going on less frequently long before he showed up. you'd think whomever would have better things to do with their time.


Site Nudger
Staff member
Wanted to let you know that these are spammer entries, we've been deleting them for years. IRP's guestbook is going to be revamped as soon as we get time.


Pinball Nudger
why is this a problem, cant the input buffer be passed to a checker of some kind?
mabe a simple script to make sure there is a space atleast every 10 letters,
then unless some one is speaking welsh you know it contains words :)

then maybe even forwarding to a spell-checker or a word-blacklist.
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