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Amazing Spider-Man The (Gottlieb, 1980) VP8

VP8 Gottlieb SS Recreation Amazing Spiderman, The (New Release) v2009 2020-01-28

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Solid State Machines


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Posted on behalf of Bob, download available here.

Amazing Spider-man, The 1.0

This is a new table using Gaston's script.

A couple of things to note… Press the I key and hold down to popup 2 reels that show the table Instruction cards at a larger scale, which can then be read, release the I key to remove Instruction reels. The full table instructions can be found in the Table Info section of the VP editor, which also includes directions for changing the scores needed for Replays or Resetting High Score and a few other things. Try plunging the ball gently, I have made it so the ball roll sound plays on the way back down if you don’t get the ball onto the playing field.

Once I learned the game rules, this table was a lot of fun, there are a couple of ways to win free balls. I made the table and did all the graphics work, but there are a few people I need to thank…. Here’s an excerpt from the script.

' Table created by Bob5453
' Script by Gaston
' Table pictures by Mrhide
' VPM Script Fixes by Inkochnito, Destruk
' Awesome Game room backdrop by Bludo included in the Image Manager
' Dip Switch menu by Inkochnito

' Lockbar image by Moonchild
' Vienna_ball image by Starman
' Wire lane rollovers by shiva from shivaEngine
' Flipper up speeds from PD
' Upper Flipper down speed from StevOz
' Randy Davis - Creator of Visual Pinball
' VpinMame Devs

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