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Amazon Hunt (Gottlieb, 1983) VP8

VP8 Gottlieb SS Recreation Amazon Hunt (rob046 mod) v1.0 Ready! v1.0 (R) (rob046_Mod) 2020-01-28

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Solid State Machines


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NOTE: Screenie and Table available below. Within the zip file is the table, instruction card, a small screenie, and an nvram file. I suggest using this nvram because the dip settings are changed to be more like the factory defaults. Also there is a high score to beat entered that should be at least a little challenging and you won't hear the knocker 3 times as you would with no high score set like with a clean nvram.
Also, a full rulesheet can be found in the "Table Info".

Table was built at 1600x1200, so I suggest playing in that res (and in full screen mode if windowed gives you problems) if you can because that is the resolution that it will not only look best in, but the reels and such will be best aligned. I have tried this table at other resolutions and it still looks good, but some of the reels might move a tad from where they should be. Nothing major though, and no different from any other VP table that uses reels.

Anyhow, about the table, I just want to get this thing released already! Yeah, it was basically ready to upload back in '06! Sorry to make people wait!

Anyhow, this is a new mod of Amazon Hunt and thanks to Destruk and LTA for the permission to do so. The table itself is pretty much rebuilt from the ground up and now has proper table dimensions (many Gottlieb's from this era were pretty big and a bit wide so if this seems kind of big in VP it is because it should be), some of the original script remains, as does the LCD's and backdrop (although slightly moved to make up for the larger table) because I've always thought the entire backdrop by LTA/Destruk looked really nice, so I definitely had no urge to mess with that.

And a big thanks to joke0, who back in '06 helped me out a ton because he was quite familiar with the real life table. Furthermore, joke0 was able to dig up the Amazon Hunt manual, which at that time just didn't exist for VP users.
And with joke0 along with that manual, it allowed me to to really do this thing proper as previous versions at that point had some guesswork in them due to lack of resources and VPM not behaving.
In fact, VPM still doesn't handle these drop targets correctly AFAIK, but I was able to code a workaround so they basically work as they should, which is much different than how they worked on older versions at the time.

Also, here in '08, a thanks to Gravitar, Destruk, & UncleGrog to help me do some final tweaks these last couple days which I think really helped the give the table even more accurate gameplay, I hope. However, if anybody has any feedback on this table, I am still open to it and have no problem releasing a v1.1 if there is something that people think might not be right.

I spent quite a bit of time with all aspects of this table. Of course gameplay and sounds. And since resources (images) for this table weren't too great or plentiful, definitely a lot of hours of photoshop were involved. So I am really happy with how it turned out and I hope people enjoy it. And once again, the table wouldn't be where it is without the help of the people I mentioned above, especially Destruk, Luvthatapex for their permission for me to mod, and their input along the way. And joke0!



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I was wondering if the admins here would automatically put this table in with the downloads because I couldn't find any other upload link anywhere.


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Thanks for the New Amazon Hunt, I just downloaded the file and added it to site, it looks excellent!
I was wondering if the admins here would automatically put this table in with the downloads because I couldn't find any other upload link anywhere.
I've received other reports of this problem and stupidly assumed that the User wasn't logged in, (the Add download link until today, wasn't visible to Guests) i just discovered the link also didn't appear to most of the registered users. The permissions were screwed up and i think it's been a problem since February...:shaking:

The Add Download link in the Downloads Section now appears for every User, here's a link to the Amazon Hunt Details page:



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The table looks great, but I have one problem, I can't see the flippers
Any tip? I have to play at 1280x1024 (my monitor doesn't support 1600 resolution)


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In the Visual Pinball editor at the top click Preferences, Video Options and try unchecking "Hardware Device Rendering"
Also try setting the Video Mode to match your Desktop Resolution but choose the X 16 (for 16 bit color depth).
For some reason on some systems, the x32 color depth setting is not cooperating with the video cards.


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Thanks, I solved the problem download the lastest version of Visual Pinball.

Another question...I want to update my collection of tables.
Do you know another good site to update my tables?
Awesome work by the way with Amazon Hunt


Pinball Nudger
Glad you solved the problem, I have no idea why the flippers wouldn't show but I was gonna say it probably had nothing to do with your resolution. I think I say the table looks best at 1600x1200x since that is the res I built it at, but it doesn't mean you can't play it at other resolutions.

What version of VP were you using that didn't show the flippers?
I know this table is a bit outdated in that it is for VP9 yet uses reels & decals, I might have made it angle independent, but it was a table I started like 6 years ago, back when that didn't matter so much!
Well, it still doesn't matter to me since I don't play FS tables.


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I tested on vp9 but the version that doesn't have advanced video options (all tables play real slow)
With the latest version uploaded...all tables work awesome.