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An apology to Shadow


PN co-founder
From what I've read over at VPF, Shadow seems to think I owe said person an apology. I don't see it that way. First off, this is a private forum where anything can be said, no holds barred. And if memory serves me, Shadow has roasted and toasted just about everyone here. Shadow has also called me both a hypocrite and a liar. Now, after 58 years I'm sure I have lied a time or two, but I've tried not to be a hypocrite. Shadow seems to think I need to ease off on being critical of said person, due to that person's disability.

Now I would never knowingly poke fun at anyone's disability, but Shadow seems to play so many games who knows what is what with said person. If Shadow will either post proof of a disability in this thread, or PM it to me, I will cease to poke fun at said person as to that area of said disability. Until such proof of disability is produced, I'll continue to assume Shadow simply craves attention and that said person's ravings are simply a way to get noticed.

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