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And now . . .for something completely different . . .


AKA Nicky Special
Who said the net's full of shit . . .??

Apparently we're all being microwave brainwashed by our governments at the behest of intradimensional aliens who want us to be exhibit A in their intergalactic zoo . . .

. . .well, don't fucking LOOK at me like that !! Apparently it's THE Number One conspiracy theory . . .at least on the basis of the number of websites devoted to it.

Mind you . . .would explain a lot . . . .f'rinstance why

1) You dopey yanks re-elected Bush

2) PacDude is so famous in a minority-niche sorta way

3) Why Bob thinks my name is Lizzie

4) Why John only does flipperless

. . .but . . .most importantly . . .

5) Why I put up with shit from all you fuckin' imbeciles . . .

. . .so John - FER FUCK's SAKE - take my name off this sodding forum and give it to somebody who gives a shit. . . .

. . .or . . .as The Phantom might put it . . .

(la de da) . . .it's OVER now, the music of the night . . . .(la la)

Farewell . . .dullards !!!!!!!!!!!

(exits stage left)

:closed: :closed: :closed:


PN co-founder
Oh he/she/it who knows so little. I may only do flipperless now, but there are a number of flippered tables in my past, and one of them was redone by Starman. Among my flippered releases, some which I was not the primary author, are, Don't Lose Your Marbles, Country Carnival, and Bronco Buster. So you should put your mind in gear before you begin to type.

I still like my theory that Shadow is a straight-laced 79 year old ex-rummy who now spends all his time playing Canasta with her 38 year old grand nephew, while sucking on wild cherry cough drops. You've grown far bryond boring, you need a new routine Lizzy Joe Bobbie Ken, or whomever you plan on being tomorrow.

John :p :oldman
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