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Animated Ramps - Is there a max number per table?

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Working on a FP recreation of the 1987 Williams Fire! pinball machine. When loading the file to play (Test) the table it locks up in FP as the progress bar is processing models. Is it the number of ramps Im using in the table? .... Anyone have any thoughts or ideas?


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If you use "normal" FP version, you can have a maximum of 800 items (you have this information in Table, then Table Info).
If you use BAM, you can have more items (I don't remember the new limit, but it's really higher).


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if the bar always stops on the models, then there is a model out of "type" that fp supports ...... for example in FPM-editor, if you modify a fin .... and remove the collide ball "pink mask" and leave model in flipper "red circle" fp crashes


now you will have some model out of "type" of fp.....you talk about ramps,good....what kind of ramp-model, did you make and how you modified it?

maybe as popotte says, you have exceeded the limit ... but you should receive error, in fp without bam
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How complex / detailed is the model for the ramps?

If it is a complex model (lots of polygons)... then FP will take a long time to load the table, because its an old program that does things the old way and needs to parse the model,etc. For smaller models this is fine... but for newer more complex models this can take a long time... and it will just sit on the progress bar at "processing models" for a long time, but will eventually load the table.

When I was testing importing complex models... it took 5 minutes for a table to load because "one" model was very complex. BAM can use BAM "custom models" which dont have this problem... but they can't be used as a ramp model (no collisions).

You may need to reduce the number of polygons used.

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Curently using 215 of 800 objects. Using the latest Bam + FP install from Rav's website. The models are fairly simple, I can import the ramp from pinbot and make it work in a new table. I tried mirroring it to get the right hand ramp, and upon bringing it in through FPM Editor I lost the animation frames. So I did some research, and figured how to model in Milkshape..... Er well kinda....

Decided to start fresh with custom ramps for table. (the Pinbot ramp isnt what is actualy used on the williams table) Created a brand new center ramp model in milkshape, created the animation frames for up and down(2 frames 1 second duration Starts in elevated position, last frame is lowered level to playfield). Imported to FPM Editor and created the "Drop Target" type model file, pulled that into the table through the model manager and it Halts load on "Initializing Playfield Objects"

I realy apreciate your guys input on this, I know im probably missing something fairly obvious, Its just yet another learning curve on the path to try and atempt a new table on par with the ones out there from the community. Speaking of, Is this the best forum for future pinball users? and where is the best place to post tables when done (Assuming I can get everything working correctly)?
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