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Another zip of my stories


PN co-founder
As far as I know, none of these have been offered here, so if you are interested in reading more of my nostalgia, this is your chance. Included are a total of 57 things I've written the last couple of years. There are a few poems, probably updates of older stuff, and a dozen or so Toddler stories, which can be read to tykes about 3 years old and up. Simply substitute your favorite youngster's name for Abigail, a freind's granddaughter.

Many of the remaining stories have been sold, but not all of them, to various magazines. And yes, I've included my rejected stuff too, since no writer sells everything he or she writes. If this is your cup of tea, I think you'll enjoy them. If not, try writing your own. And if you haven't noticed, there are other zips of my stories and poems in the Articles section.



  • 2005tiltjlpstory.zip
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PN co-founder
Never published by Playboy, but have been by The Twilight Zone, Cappers, Good Old Days, Good Old Days Specials, Clown Wars, Chrisma, Highlights For Children, Turtle, Boys Life, Remenber, Now, Yesterday, Yesteryear, Your Health, Bicycle, Yankee, Chile Pepper, Profiles, Laugh Tracks, Poetry Unlinited, Poetry Expressions, Fling,Dreams, The PinGame Journal, and the old National Observer.

I also wrote and edited the newsletter for Big Brothers/Big Susters of Greater Cincinnati, and contributed to the Lilian Jackson Braun newsletter, wrote speeches and publicity for the the National Organization of War Resistors, and wrote semi-regular columns for a number of trade publications.

I pretty much could and did write whatever someone was willing to pay me for, as well as a lot of free publications, in the hopes of making a big enough name for myself to land a paid editing job. I also did freelance editing for a number of small magazines you've surely never heard of, since most of you never heard of half the ones I listed. And while I'm basically retired, if anyone wants to pay me to write something, I'm game. And no, I never was paid much, and like most hacks, would and did write for free, just for the need to write. I used to write under a variety of pen names, just as most writers do, so I can recycle work, in other words sell the same item id\n slightly altered forms to several regional markets.