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Any info on this playfield? "Amusematic" Co.


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I have a Playfield that I picked up.

It is from a company that I can't find out almost any information about.

Amusematic seems to be out of Chicago and I think that this one is called Boomerang from the graphics.

This one looks early enough to be a possible flipperless from the 1930's (earlier?) but it does have a motorized basket movement and a lot of little and large lightbulbs, but there are no bumpers.

I didn't include a back photo but there are lightbulbs with a lot of ceramic insulators that lead me to think this is 1930's or earlier, but I'm not sure.

It says "produced by Amusematic Chicago Illinois" in the small print so I'm pretty sure about that.

IPD was the first place i checked for information but all is has for the Amusematic Co. is one old flyer for a baseball game in the 50’s so I thought I’d try to post on Pinball Nirvana, I'm not sure how to get to the usenet anymore.

As for the Boomerang name, I thought that just referred to the lane feature, but then I also noticed that the clowns on this were throwing around boomerangs so .....who knows?

It seems to not have the original light-up letters that were in the passlane circles. (the "and Letter When Lit")

Also this seems to be made for a slightly larger ball than the pinball i know these days. Could this have been an amusement park machine and not a true pinball? It doesn't have a scoring mech on the playfield so most likely it had a backglass.

I bought this item less than 6 miles from the old Rock Point Park that went out of business in the early 90's after being around for 110+ years. But this unit wasn't in operation back when I worked there (1991-2) though it isn't likely it would have been.

Also we have the Spring Lake Arcade around here that has been in continuous operation for 75 years so this could also be one of those old units. I may take a photo of this down there this weekend.

If anybody has any information I'd sure appreciate it. I'm not sure if I am going to keep this in a display frame, restore it (I'm a noob for restoring) or pass it on to someone who can restore it but before any of that I'd like to find out more. Thanx everybody!


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:welcome1: urnster,
The machine looks like it's a Bagatelle and i'd guess that it's not called Boomerang, I've never heard of Amusematic but it's not unusual for these types of Bagatelles to not be listed @ IPD.

In case you are interested, a bunch of these type of machines that have been recreated for Visual Pinball and can be found in our Bagatelle download section here:
IRPinball has more:

Here are some additional links for you:
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Ebay Bagatelles, you might consider contacting the seller of most of these machines:

About Usenet, you might want to try the free version of Forte's Free Agent and get your news info from your ISP, the group rec.games.pinball can be helpfull:

Here is a google group link to rec.games.pinball

Hope you have some success and sorry about all of the links..