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anyone else having problems downloading?


here is the screen I always seem to get, I've tried logging in and NOT logging in but it's the same darn screen! I want to download pins, but can't get past this screen


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Inserted Coin
Working fine here too, I just downloaded Johnny Mnemonic without issue. Occasionally when I click the "Downloads" link it brings me to the front page instead, though clicking it a second time always works. I've never seen the message you're getting.


Pinball Player
no problems here - looks like you have a cookies problem - make sure you have them enabled for this site, and maybe refresh them by deleting the ones allready in your system.

Oh - and are you still having issues with the graphics anti-spam lettering things around about? have found using a zoom function in your browser alleviates the issue... (just an fyi)


Inserted Coin
I have the same problem. Currently using FireFox, but the same problem happens with Internet Explorer 6. I don't know how to fix that. HELP!


sXe And Better Than You
Maybe it's JPH screwing around with the download system? I don't have any problems here with Firefox. On the contrary, the site actually properly remembers my cookies!

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