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First the news release...

National Owners Day 2021 (NOD 2021) is coming with a theme of Staying Connected. Join us on Facebook on our official page and the Legends Arcade Family website for our second annual owners day on February 14, 2021, from 9AM to 9PM PT, for new product reveals, amazing prizes, great deals and sales from third party sponsors GameStop and Buy Stuff Store, great deals and sales on the AtGames E-Store, and lots more fun and surprises! #stayingconnected #nod2021

There's about 20,000 in prizes, including a few pinball legends cabs, plus people can win a pinball table, so that might be a new one added to the growing ArcadeNet list (Maybe one of the Zaccaria's?) If you have Facebook, head on to https://www.facebook.com/AtGamesGaming (Log into Facebook) for Nation Owners day (NOD)

There will be some new stuff shown at least, and hopefully more details like price and release date. A couple things really jumped out though
- The joystick attachment for the legends pinball, complete with 6 fire buttons and a trackball. Very cool
- The AtGames Legends Ultimate Mini Arcade was shown in the promo picture. This is a smaller sized version of the legends cabinet, so should be a lower cost version. Most importantly, it has flipper buttons on the side. It's desktop view for the games, but the monitor has a slight adjustment for the angle.

As well, Atgames updates the status of their products

In the lead up to our second annual National Owners Day (NOD 2021), which will happen this coming Sunday, February 14, 2021, we wanted to provide updates on existing and upcoming product reservations.
For the BitPixel LED marquee, we are expected to notify reservation holders for payment on or about February 18, 2021, with shipments expected to begin on or about February 26, 2021.
Conversions of Legends Pinball reservations to orders are still in progress. Per our previous update, we anticipate fulfilling Wave 1 - 3 reservations by the beginning of March 2021. Our suppliers have worked diligently to successfully get a large number of units to domestic ports. However, due to unprecedented port congestion, there is a large backlog for container ship unloading, which in turn is affecting the timing of all other aspects of the supply chain. While we believe that we will still be able to fulfill all orders for Waves 1 - 3, there is a possibility that some in Wave 3 may be delayed until April. We will of course continue to monitor the situation and provide updates.
Similarly, for the BitBlaster wireless lightgun, there is currently a shortage of key components. Although we have made every effort to source components from other suppliers, there continues to be greater demand than supply. As such, at this time, we have no target date to convert reservations to orders. If you are an existing reservation holder and wish to cancel, please contact support@atgames.net with your details and we will be happy to assist. Otherwise, we will continue to make every effort to source the needed components and provide additional updates.
Finally, for the much anticipated BitLCD LCD marquee, due again to the worldwide supply chain issues, LCD component costs are currently prohibitive. As such, as we are unable to produce the product at the needed price point. As with the BitBlaster, we will continue to make every effort to source the necessary component at a price that delivers the best value and provide additional updates as they're available.
We thank you as always for your support, being a valued member of the Legends Arcade Family, and hope you can join us for NOD 2021 for additional product updates, amazing prizes, and fun! We'll have more info about all of the NOD 2021 events soon.
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