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Help [AtGames] That damn little cable... how to get a new one


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With the AtGames Pinball Legend cab, there's this tiny, fragile little connecter cable that everyone seems to manage to bust. The problem is AtGames is very slow, and up here, both the brick and Atgames seems to be playing pointing your finger at the other guy and saying he will fix it. Not a great way to run a business, and certainly doesn't help the person who shelled out the money and just wants his cabinet to work. So, the user community have a solution, just buy one from a 3rd party vendor, but it has taken time to match up the proper cable.

There's 2, cost 10 dollars, and should be on your door pretty quicky, so here's those links:

Personally, I think the big question is why did AtGames use such a cheap and fragile cable in the first place instead of a HDMI solution? Oh, the new overpriced "rachel" board, that's why.


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I am currently testing an ALP. The newer version of the ALP does use an HDMI adapter coming off the Backbox... but you do still need to unplug the cable going to it if you install a VIBS.

That type of cable is pretty standard for most of the LCD panels you would get from China.

My cable popped out a little while installing the VIBS... so I just needed to re-seat it no problem. Once you have the VIBS mounted... its really not too hard to install that cable. Maybe being a tech for 25 years, this stuff is second nature to me.

I'll have a few videos giving my impression of the cabinet and addons / apps soon enough.
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This is what the newer revisions come with, so its easy to connect with HDMI compared to the first revision.

For the VIBS however, you do need to disconnect the ribbons cable going to this HDMI adapter board, and reconnect them on the VIBS.

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