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Avatar Selection for the Funhouse


Pinball Wizard
I thought as this forum is dedicated to The Shadow I thought it would be fitting to find an avatar in-keeping with his/her choice, so Mr Lector it is.



PN co-founder
Where'd you get the idea this forum is dedicated to Shadow? Ha! It was more a matter of none of the whiney cry babies didn't like the name I had given it, and since Shadow had suggested the forum, I used her/his/its tag in the new name. I kind of like Panda's Putrid Ponderings. Keeping in mind that everyone can see the forum and it's name, we're a bit limited in what we can use. I persoanlly like Aw, Shut Up And Read This Crap, Will Ya!

Like your new avatar, great character and a wonderful actor.



Pinball Wizard
Who ?

Is that our Sir Anthony - comes from around the corner you know! And if you didn't you do now!. Escaped from the valleys to do a proper job. Not a bad lad, a good ol' boy from Port Talbot which has a habit of turning out some fine actors like Richard Burton also. They'd both be proud of Lizzie. :beer: