Azteca Legend (Eleco, 2004) VP8

VP8 Flipperless Recreation Azteca Legend Pachislot v1.0 2020-01-28

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Jul 16, 2004
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Azteca Legend is one of the most popular pachislot. It exists in 2004, 2002 and 1999 version. It exists in Azteca version and in Azteca Legend version.

The VP game uses the real bonus round music and the real reels.

You can find pictures of Azteca on many websites. Just type azteca pachislo in your search engine. You can also buy an old machine for about 200 $.

Technical details can be found on the site of Aruze, but in japanese.
I never played much pachinko before I started Dl some of yours, and I was surprised how much I enjoy them. I have noticed that my flipperless nudging skills don't seem to help much. Do I need to practice my nuding more, or isn't it a factor in pachinko?

I think that japanese players do not nudge because the pachinkos are in line in the parlours, one very near the other. But I am not sure because in France, it is forbidden to import one. So, I just have a Far Out pinball (I have taken pictures of it and program it with VP (see Irpinball).

In USA, you can buy one easily (to verify nudging, of course). They are very cheap because all machines are forbidden in japanese parlours after 2 years of use. Just type : pachinko sales … in google.
Is this thread a VP table release? If so, how about a screenshot and a link to the table as I would like to try it.

Hi Patrick, I have a real pachinko game and you couldn't have nudged it, mine was originally attached to a wall in the parlor. The skill is in the flipping, but really it's mostly luck. There is a modern Spider-man Pachinko that is very cool and sometimes for sale on Ebay.
Bob and all, Azteca Legend and our four other most recent uploads are available from the first page of the Downloads. Of course that shows whatever are the five most recent additions, but it's there now. the link is:

PS: The five most recent additions also appear at the bottom of the Homepage.



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Bob. I dont understand exactly your question because my english is not so good. I just upload my tables here.
My website dont speak about pinballs. It is just a professional site to sell a kite software that I have developped.

I cant buy one pachinko on Ebay because import is forbidden. But, you can come to visit France and bring one if it is one of your useful and personnal things.
hehe, I found it :) it's what I call a slot machine. I see you called it a pachislot, but then John referred to it as a Pachinko game and that confused me as a Pachinko game is something entirely different.
Sorry about that Bob, I goofed. I know it's a slot machine, but it's still a fun game. I'll try to get my terms straight in the future.

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