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Bad Cats (Williams, 1989)

Williams SS Recreation FP Bad Cats RC1 vRC2 2020-01-28

No permission to download
Solid State Machines
Future Pinball


Inserted Coin
A little late for christmas... a little early for new years.... any way....

Bad Cats Williams 1989

First off I'd like to thank: Lars and Jc144 for scripting help
JPSalas and Black for images
Lio for the making the model an fpm
FreakOfSpeed for the music loops
And Black for the best pinball sim ever

I reproduced this table to the best of my abilities. I used the Cyclone script and some classes from BOP by Jc144, and rewrote them to fit the rules and behavior of Bad Cats.

I have tested the table but I am only one person, so please report any bugs and i will fix them promptly.

Why RC1:

Due to Fp limitations and my skill as a coder the table is as close as possible to the real thing but not perfect.

-The table has a linear target which is not available in FP. This has been replaced with a vari target. You may notice that while playing. you hit the target and it doesn't register... This is due to how a linear target works... the target works, you just have to hit it with enough force for it to register. this is the one part of the table that got the most testing. Hopefully we'll have a linear target one day

The displays and Light effects are as close as i could get them within FP limitations.

The Jackpot increase was vague in the manual so i used the rules sheet provided at the IPDB <!-- m -->http://www.ipdb.org/machine.cgi?gid=127<!-- m -->.

I will update the table as my coding skills and FP's capabilities are increased.
I'm pretty happy with it at this point.
Instructions for accessing the operator functions and game adjustments are provided in a small readme file in the download

Been working on this for about five months now and i'm glad it is finally in a releaseable state.

Once again.... Please let me know of any bugs or issues and i will fix them promptly

I hope you all enjoy playing this as much as i enjoyed making it.

It is available at Pinball Nirvana: <!-- m -->http://www.pinballnirvana.com/UpDownloa ... id-45.html<!-- m -->

Hopefully it will be at IrPinball in the future (thanks Popotte)

P.S. I'm looking to start a new project... so if anyone who enjoys this table has any suggestions for a non DMD SS table they would like to see recreated, please let me know. ((preferable one with image resources):D


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Pinball Wizard
Am I the only one who notice the cabinet skin isn't showing up in game? I tried to fix it myself. I reimported a .png one from 3D-Arcade, it didn't work either; but when I converted it to .jpg and used that, it worked...
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