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Bad Cats


Inserted Coin
The gameplay is coded and functioning
All audits and Operator Game Adjustments are coded and working
the hardest part so far was figuring out how to save all the audits and adjustments, but I took GreyWolfs advice and figured out how to save them.
on the left to do list:

- make the sound library and implement it in the game (any help would be appreciated)
- set up attract mode and general game lightinng
- set up displays to match the actual rom game displays
- beta test for errors and fix any problems
- clean up the code since i adapted the cyclone(System11 script) to Bad Cats

i'm hoping for a release date or to at least have people beta test by january or feburary


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Pinball Nudger
unclewilly i think it looks and plays very good right now and i love this table. I like yours and JP's both of them are great. I like playing the same table by different authors. I also liked your puzzlebox game pretty cool, i like the hellraiser movies good theme. Keep up the good work, I just started playing future pinball games a couple of weeks ago and i like fp very much. But i also like vpm because of the recreations with the DMD roms. Good luck Dave P.
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