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VP8 Flipperless Support File Tutorial Bagatelle Starter Kit Updated


PN co-founder
I have just updated my Bagatelle Starter Kit to include a commercial coin-op template for use in making tables with a full loop before the ball enters the playing area. A great example of this would be Bally’s 1933 Airway, which Patrick and I are currently working on. I will be getting a lot of use out of it, as I am giving bagatelle a rest and will now by focusing on commercial coin-op tables. Assisting Patrick and me in recreating these flipperless relics will be the members of the Yahoo Pre-war Pinball group, a merry band of collectors and enthusiasts interested in pins prior to 1946.

My Starter Kit now consists of 7 templates, one which is a widebody adapted from one of Mitchell’s tables, a woodie adapted from a table template by Patch, which adapted one of Bendigo’s templates. There are also several bagatelle templates, some based upon my Reactions table, and a few based upon my Poosh M Up tables.

There are also 18 custom designed balls which I created for use with Reactions Bagatelle. There is also documentation included in the zip file, as well as full disclosure in the Table Information of each template. In addition to thanking Patrick for partnering with me, JonPurpleHaze for helping to found Pinball Nirvana, and the Pre-war Pinball group for sharing both resources and information, I’d like to thank the small but growing list of authors who have used these templates to create flipperless tables. I get as much and maybe more enjoyment working with and helping these fellow flipperless authors than I do making tables myself. Special thanks goes to Bob who in spite of not being a flipperless fan has offered my not only help and advice, but also some well needed needling.


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