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ball doesn't drain in scapino's cirqus voltaire 3.0


Pinball Player
i'm having a spot of trouble with this 3.0 version, the table isn't acknowledging that the ball drains, i'm using the cv_14.zip ROM set with it, dled from the link for it beside the 2.1 version on AJ's site, is there a diff. set of roms i need? plz help, this looks like such an awesome table but i can't get past the 1st ball :verysad:


Inserted Coin
*nods at JonPurpleHaze* Yes it does - the forums seem to be down at the moment so I haven't checked that thread, but it seems clear to me that it's hard to run it on a single core CPU.

Regarding the OP's problem though, you could always ask over at Scapino's own forum. You'll find it over here!
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