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BAM Ball Trail


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Ok, Ball Trail, what is it????
Is a function that Rav, created a long time ago, on Gopinball it is now really difficult to find the appropriate section.
This function creates a luminous tail on the ball, which can be adjusted both in intensity and in color, originally this function could only activate in the Bam menu,and could only be used with the "new renderer" active see the photo,please


But then I asked Rav, if it was possible to insert the code directly into the script, and Rav did, and also made it work without the "new renderer" active

'ball trail
Dim BallTrailsOnOff,BallTrailsMode
Sub FuturePinball_KeyPressed(ByVal KeyCode)

'ball trail
If KeyCode = GetKeyCode(Special2Key) then
BallTrailsOnOff = BallTrailsOnOff + 1
If BallTrailsOnOff > 2 then BallTrailsOnOff = 1
If BallTrailsOnOff = 1 Then BallTrailsMode=true: BallTrailsSistem()
If BallTrailsOnOff = 2 Then BallTrailsMode=false: BallTrailsSistem()
End if
Sub ResetForNewGame()
Dim i

'ball trail
'ball trail
sub BallTrailsSistem()
PlaySound "collide"
if BallTrailsMode=false then
xBAM.Trails.Level = 1.3 ' tail intensity
xBAM.Trails.Color 192,192,192 ' color adjustment Red, Green, Blue
xBAM.Trails.Enabled = true
exit sub
end if
if BallTrailsMode=true then
xBAM.Trails.Enabled = false
exit sub
end if
End sub

With the special2 button you can deactivate or activate the ball trail, I hope it is very clear

In this demo
, you can see the intensity at 1.3 and the neutral colon 192, but you can change the color and intensity, as you like.



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