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Ballyhoo (Bally, 1932) VP8

VP8 Bally Flipperless Recreation Ballyhoo & Flippo released v2.0 2020-01-28

No permission to download


PN co-founder
Patrick and tiltjlp have released their version of Ballyhoo. Ballyhoo was named because of a magazine cover, of all things, which, along with two advertising flyers, is included in the download zip.

And yes, this is the second version of Ballyhoo at Pinball Nirvana, the other was done quite nicely by my pal Druadic. I like his version, but also like our version, which adds the table cabinet to the picture, as well as the aforementioned magazine cover art. Ours also has enhanced sounds and nudging, which you'll need in order to master the game.

With a little practice and the right timing, you’ll be able to land in the top Doubling Hole once in a while. Available now at Pinball Nirvana.

Also available for download is version 1.1 of Flippo, an awesome original Coin-op by Luigi300. Ballyhoo is in the Commercial Coin-Op section, while Flippo is in the Original Coin-Op section of the Downloads page. With these two tables, we now have 210 flipperless and novelty games for download. They range from counter top and arcade games, to bagatelle, pachinko, coin-op recreations and originals, to sports themed tables. in addition our selection of tutorials and demo tables continue to grow. Check us out and see what all you've missed.



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