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bam and fps


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if there are too many fps (example> 200), it can cause a runaway of the physics engine?
is it better to limit to 60 fps?

what is the point of limiting to 60fps if the computer can reach much higher levels ?


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You should read Step 8 of my guide, the section under the screen shot. Also read the section named 'Problems with "Vertical Sync"' on Step 12:



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Many people now use 120Hz displays.... so limiting it to only 60Hz is not ideal. That said, FP is not open source and uses older tech as it's base, so things like a proper Borderless Fullscreen, etc simply isn't an option. So we still rely on exclusive fullscreen and vsync to keep everything running correctly.


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so the very high refresh rates have no effect on the 3d engine (depreciation), it's just for the display quality, I checked vsync...


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I still recommend - well not me but blurbusters guys - to limit 3 FPS below max framerate in the drivers, enable vsync in the drivers and disable vsync in Future Pinball.

Example: my monitor can do 144Hz, I've limited it to 141 and enabled vsync in the drivers. In FP options Vsync is OFF.

This assumes, as explained in George's tutorial, that your GPU can maintain the FPS. Regardless, even if your GPU can only go to 100FPS (example) then, limit in the drivers the FPS to 97 instead.

So, pick the "heaviest" table regarding resources you have installed, run it with F9 and see how your GPU performs and adjust accordingly.

One thing is sure, there is no need to waste power (unless you want to heat up your room :D ) by have the GPU doing more FPS than those the monitor can handle.

NOTE: This is using nvidia but i'm sure it is the same way for AMD. My monitor is also Freesync but G-sync compatible so YMMV but essentially, do it in the drivers.
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I think this part is misleading:
you may need to check "Vertical Sync" even though it is not ideal to limit the screen to 60 Hz.

vsync does not limit to 60Hz but to the monitor refresh rate. So if you enable v-sync on a 120Hz monitor you're saying you're limiting the fps to 120FP which is why, in a not so good GPU you have to limit the FPS, even in a 60Hz monitor.

Otherwise seems fine.
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