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BAM BAM Latest Version and Update Log


Pinball Master
  • NEW BAM USERS SHOULD USE INSTALLER PROGRAM from: https://www.ravarcade.pl/download

  • [11 may 2020] v.1.5-290 Add xBAM.Lights.BallBrightness property.
  • [10 may 2020] v.1.5-289 iCom & PuP Plugins added.
  • [20 feb 2020] v.1.5-282 Fixed bugs with DMD in New Renderer, High Score initials entry bug when arrow keys are used as flipper keys. Better BAM menu visibility in VR. For VR users without positional tracking keyboard or gamepad buttons can be used to move camera (see "Free Cam Options" menu).
  • [13 jan 2020] v.1.5-275 Fixed reflections in new renderer. Added ball reflection/shinininess control.
  • [29 dec 2019] v.1.5-272 Fixed Mini-Playfield, ball trails errors.
  • [9 nov 2019] v.1.4-267 Added script command for light manipulation.
  • [3 sep 2019] v.1.4-258 Fixed ball color on some tables.
  • [2 sep 2019] v.1.4-257 Added lights control from script.
  • [4 aug 2019] v.1.4-256 Added ball & flippers shadows.
  • [25 may 2019] v.1.4-252 Script commands for light params and dmd control.
  • [15 mar 2019] v.1.4-251 New code signing certificate. Old one is expired. Fixed ball trails.
  • [11 feb 2019] v.1.4-250 Bug fixed: Shadow-map generation works on Intel graphics.
  • [5 feb 2019] v.1.4-249 Bug fixed: Crash on shadow map generation on slow nvidia graphics cards.
  • [2 feb 2019] v.1.4-248 Bug fixes: shadow-maps generation without flipper shadows & camera in cabinet.
  • [31 jan 2019] v.1.4-247 Bug fixes.
  • [26 jan 2019] v.1.4-246 Bug fixes.
  • [25 jan 2019] v.1.4-245 Bug fixes: Crash on some tables in Pause/High Score view, shadow maps generation.
  • [5 jan 2019] v.1.4-243 Bug fixes. HT-PS3Eyes.dll broken config save fixed.
  • [9 nov 2018] v.1.4-241 Bug fixes.
  • [16 aug 2018] v.1.4-240 Bug fixes.
  • [15 aug 2018] v.1.4-239 Bug fixes / nVidia drivers memory consumption fixed.
  • [10 aug 2018] v.1.4-238 Bug fixes.
  • [30 jul 2018] v.1.4-237 Added more options to control flipper from script.
  • [23 jul 2018] v.1.4-234 Bug fixes.
  • [15 jul 2018] v.1.4-233 Dynamic flippers settings.
  • [16 jun 2018] v.1.4-223 Bug fixes, removed some FP disk operations, faster table loading.
  • [13 jun 2018] v.1.4-222 Shadow maps, FP memory leak fixed (less FP crashes), faster table load time.
  • [20 apr 2018] v.1.4-207 Bug fixes. Custom camera controled from script. Physics: material params can be set for individual object.
  • [02 feb 2018] v.1.4-195 Bug fixes.
  • [10 sep 2017] v.1.4-185 Fixed missing "enter initials" when BAM High Score plugin is enabled. Pause and Eneter Initials will be displayed as hologram over table in VR mode.
  • [10 sep 2017] v.1.4-183 Added support for score over 2 147 483 647. Current Max is 922 337 203 685 477 (15 digits).
  • [9 jul 2017] v.1.4-180 Fixed calibration in Simple CAM & Simple PS3 Eye plugins. Added tracking of hand (left or right) in Kinect and Kinec 2 plugins (in hand you can have camera and make video). Now in script you can change textures on many objects.
  • [7 apr 2017] v.1.4-162 Bug fixes. Added support for custom game room.
  • [1 mar 2017] v.1.4-155 Bug fixes.
  • [19 feb 2017] v.1.4-154 All updated from "beta-BAM" with Physics-Tweaks, Magnetic-Fields and bugfixes are now in normal release.
  • [06 sep 2016] v.1.4-134 Some fixes. New stuffs in scripts for table devs: Mini-Playfields, Custom Balls, Physic-Sim Object Tracking.
  • [29 mar 2016] v.1.4-124 All files in BAM.zip and bam-setup.exe are now with "code signing certificate" - this is my last atempt to stop AV programs from deleting of my files. Few custom ball fixes. Now BAM has 3 script addons: Custom ball, Mini-Playfield & Ball Tracking.
  • [06 mar 2016] v.1.3-121 Ball texture change during game. VB Script enhancements: now many different balls may be same time on table. New BAM-Tracker for use with other programs. First The Pinball Arcade client of BAM-Tracker. (yes. BAM for TPA is here).
  • [08 jan 2016] v.1.2-115 Fixed: Crash on game exit if backbox is enabled.
  • [30 dec 2015] v.1.2-114 Kinect 2 support. New player/camera position filter with lower lag and very smooth move. Fixed FP errors: "black text" & "ball textures when playfield is rotated (partialy)".
  • [12 may 2015] v.1.2-96 Fixed missing plugins if BAM and FP is not installed in default dir.
  • [07 may 2015] v.1.2-95 Fixed red ball when "Ball Marks (dirt)" is unchecked.
  • [04 may 2015] v.1.2-94 Fixed invisible ball on at least one table.
  • [03 may 2015] v.1.2-93 Fixed few rendering errors in New Renderer.
  • [24 jan 2015] v.1.2-85c Updated FPLoader.exe - AV programs should not detect virus in BAM anymore. Updated Kinect.dll - no more FPS drop when BAM menu is visible.
  • [15 dec 2014] v.1.2-85b Fixed PostFX plugin. Last version crashes on some nvidia gfx cards.
  • [13 dec 2014] v.1.2-85 Added SSAO.
  • [27 oct 2014] v.1.2-84 Natural Point TrackIR support.
  • [18 oct 2014] v.1.2-83 Bug fix: black surfaces on some tables (Iron Man).
  • [16 oct 2014] v.1.2-82 Bug fix: compatibility problems with AMD Catalyst 14.9. Improved New Renderer for transparent objects (flashers looks better).
  • [27 sep 2014] v.1.2-81 Bug fix: Light position is restored correctly. New player tracking filter.
  • [13 sep 2014] v.1.2-80 Bug fixes: DMD's brightnes will no more depend on mian light brightnes/diffuse; in WiiMote head tracking - cam order is stored and reloaded; Menu font size changed for different monitor resolutions; Few menu fixes; BAM-Tracker & BAM-Tracker Clients (with source code).
  • [06 sep 2014] v.1.2-79 Bug fixes: Broken save in Basic menu. Improved "save screenshots tool". Small changes in menu.
  • [24 aug 2014] v.1.2-78 Bug fixes: selected headtracking plugin is stored. Simply BAM menu is default now. How to switch to "old" menu: Go to options menu and change menu type to Advanced.
  • [22 jul 2014] v.1.2-75 Bug fixes: correct colors of flares, "Forced Arcade Mode" is not default in FP non-arcade mode. Menu structure refresh.
  • [05 jul 2014] v.1.2-73 Bug fixes: FreeTrack will not crash anymore (thank for help to skinooe), no more big line spaces in BAM menu on 16:9 displays. Added BAM icon for FPLoader (thanks to Sylvain Favron), additional animation sequence from Gimli (press F2 in arcade mode).
  • [29 jun 2014] v.1.2-72 Fixed some errors in New Renderer. "BAM-view" in FP "non-arcade" mode (see "Force Arcade Mode" in [Addons] menu). Small updates in BAM menu.
  • [17 jun 2014] v.1.2-71 FP white DMD - fixed (finally). Normal vectors visualisation (see [Rendering Engine] -> [DEV options] -> Draw mode). Better performance with Normal Maps on old AMD Radeon cards (at least on my Radeon 4850). Separate shader programs for normal maps with height maps and without it -> more FPS on my BAM-demo table.
  • [10.06.2014] v.1.2-70 Bug fixes: in New Renderer fixed reflections on playfield. Removed BAM_debug.log - it should fix most of slowdowns.
  • [09.06.2014] v.1.2-69 Bug fixes in New Renderer.
  • [07.06.2014] v.1.2-68 Updated material system for New Renderer. (See BAM-demo table). Fixed reflections on playfield. Warning - a lot of artifacts in New Renderer.
  • [17.05.2014] v.1.1-67 Fixed artifacts with "under table" objects in animation sequencer. Fixed BAM menu flickering (again). Fixed: values of new params for "old/known" tables will be take from "default.cfg".
  • [10.05.2014] v.1.1-66 Skeleton tracking for Kinect. Modified New Renderer shaders for better colors. Table presentation for cabs: editor and player.
  • [19.04.2014] v.1.1-64 Fixed: error message during table loading with pinballx/hyperpin/FPloader. Fixed creashes on tracking plugin switches. One key switch to turn on/off headtracking.
  • [01.04.2014] v.1.1-62b Bug: broken backbox with New Renderer - fixed.
  • [30.03.2014] v.1.1-62 Fixed FreeTrack plugins: now work with FreeTrack 2.2. Improved performance of New Renderer on some tables up to 30% (but still it is slower than normal renderer).
  • [16.03.2014] v.1.1-61 Small bug fixes, In [config] menu two new command: "Save tableName.xml" and "Set current setting as default".
  • [09.03.2014] v.1.1-60 Fixes: FreeTrack won't change Static CAM position. Few menu changes: All Backbox setting (global and "per table") in are now in one menu, setting related to Lighting model are now in one menu (see [Table & Lighting]->[Light]->[Lighting model]). Now "Kick" and "Ball trails" can be enabled "per table". New cam filtering mode: "predict".
  • [22.02.2014] v1.1-59 New lights model (closer to oryginal FP), new "reality view" with selection betwen Desktop / Cab, new camera move filtering. Plugins: improved Kinect "3 points setup", few plugins removed: Simple CAM, Simple PS3Eye, Destkop Cam, New plugin "Free Track".
  • [24.12.2013] v1.0-57 Fix for broken head tracking with Kinect. New Desktop Kinect plugin. All "Desktop..." plugins now have switch "Enabled" to tourn on/off Cam and Table positions modification.
  • [03.12.2013] v1.0-56 Phisic XML inside VBS script, fixed menu visiblitiy on 16:9 monitors, two new plugins for desktop users.
  • [11.11.2013] v1.0-55b Fixed bug in FPLoader from previous version.
  • [05.11.2013] v1.0-55 Bug fixes + small improvements: rotation of cams in "HT w/PS3Eyes" plugin, quick editor window hide, command args to force physics files.
  • [12.10.2013] v1.0-54 Bug fixes.
  • [30.09.2013] v1.0-53 Fixed: broken "Simply Cam", ball detection for ball "trails". Small improvment in PostFX.
  • [17.09.2013] v0.9-52 Fixed and improved "Kick" effect. Ball "trails" (only for New Renderer).
  • [11.09.2013] v0.9-51 Changed shader programs for Stereo3D for compatybility with older gfx cards. Improved "Simple Cam" and "Simple PS3Eye" plugins - improved performance. [Config]->[Addons] - "Kick" effect for arcade mode.
  • [05.09.2013] v0.9-50 Bug fix: Crashes in New Renderer, on exit of game when menu is visible and PS3Eye cam is used. Hidden MessageBox with shader compile errors. Added support for "Zedonius Improvment Pakages" with physics fix and additional gfx.
  • [03.09.2013] v0.9-49 Speculat / Height / Reflection Maps added. Try example tables.
  • [01.09.2013] v0.9-48 Fix for strobbing menu on some gfx cards. Added options to lock light to "cam" position. Light size will now change light reflections in New Renerer.
  • [29.08.2013] v0.9-47 Updated in new renders path. More Lights options. Simple menu for "non arcade" mode.
  • [23.08.2013] v0.9-46 Buf fix: Backbox scaling profilex broken in lst release, FP bug with colors on DMD. Added "Redefine Keys" in "Config" menu. New Render Path - fixed "Spherical Environment Mapping" now ball look right.
  • [19.08.2013] v0.9-45 Buf fix: no BAM menu if some options are disabled in FP preferences. HotKey to disable Stereo 3D mode. WIP on new render path - normal Maps.
  • [13.08.2013] v0.9-44 Changed BAM opengl resource management - now BAM is compatible with FP-Intercept: LedWiz / PinDMD. Changed "SetFocus on game start" routine.
  • [10.08.2013] v0.9-43 Bug fix: crashes on some tables (Tron, Robot Invasion,...), PostFX - new "non-tracking" plugin (got to "Config"->"plugins"). WIP New Render Path - very limited, but good to try some effects with lights.
  • [07.08.2013] v0.9-42 Bug fix: missing DMD on some tables. Changed Translate of table value - now it uses scale of table. Loading of physic-config XML files.
  • [16.07.2013] v0.9-40 Now entering nums with numeric keys works also for values in units. Postprocessing in Active 3D Stereo mode is working. Small artifacts visibled after PP is enabled are fixed. BAM may now works little better with frontends - on load i try to keep focus on playfield window.
  • [13.07.2013] v0.9-39 Faster load time (~ -2s). Global setting for Backbox (in Config menu). You can enter digits with keyboard.
  • [11.07.2013] v0.9-38 Fixed Calibration. Added Stereo 3D mode: Active - shutter glasses (for 120Hz TV/Monitors)
  • [07.07.2013] v0.9-37 Snapshots: not taken after postprocessing, with BAM menu (if visible) and Stereo 3D effects. Support for tracking 2 led on glasses for HT w/PS3Eyes and WiiMotes. Now You can rotate/tilt head and eyes position is taken in 3D.
  • [05.07.2013] v0.9-36 Added postprocessing. You can set: Brightness, Contrast, Gamma, Saturation. Fixed missing AntyAliasing in some Stereo 3D modes.
  • [01.07.2013] v0.9-35 STEREO 3D!!! Bye bye "cyclops".
  • [27.06.2013] v0.8-34-2 In some configurations with nVidia graphics cards might appear artifacts. This is fix for that problem. Error was not in BAM or Future Pinball but in nVidia drivers "optimizations".
  • [21.06.2013] v0.8-34 In Simple PS3Eye plugin added Auto Gaing options. Added "reset to DEFAULT" button in "Table & Lighting".
  • [14.06.2013] v0.8-33 Bug fix in HT w/PS3Eyes plugin. Updated Kinect plugin: 1. Now traced is player eye (real one, left or right, You can choose). 2. Easy "3 points". Kinect look at screen (realy), search for checkerboard, and then it find "3 points" setup is done.
  • [11.06.2013] v0.8-32-2 Bug fix in HT w/PS3Eyes plugin. Somtimes on start of plugin menu (hud) BAM crashes. This error is now fixed.
  • [09.06.2013] v0.8-32 HT w/PS3Eyes plugin: Changed default "Fix Cam" settings. They are based on my "Fix Cam" results now. There is 90% chance, that if You only run normal "calibration" for stereo cams (without running "Fix Cam"), head tracking will work almost perfect. Change calibration procedure for "Fix Cam". Added menu "More options" to manualy modify "Fix Cam" setting, save it. BAM will now return virtual cam position to default (Static Cam) it tracking is lost.
  • [04.06.2013] v0.8-31 Kinect! new plugin added.
  • [28.05.2013] v0.7-29 Small update. Bug fix. Little improvment in cams calibration in "Fix Cam" lenses for HT w/PS3Eyes and Stereo Calibration.
  • [26.05.2013] v0.7-28 Added submenu Snapshot in Reality menu. In this menu You can set rotation and mirror of playfield snapshots.
  • [23.05.2013] v0.7-27 Added plugin "HT PS3Eyes". Now modified 2x PS3Eye's can trace IR-LED instead WiiMotes. Added "sanpshot" key. Small modification in file structure and in FPLoader.exe
  • [07.05.2013] v0.6-25 Fixed errors: Crashes when User quickly switch between PS3Eye and Simple Cam. New FPloaderNew.exe - stays in RAM when FP is running. It works better with HyperPin. Added switch in command line: /FPEXE:"FuturePinballFileToLoad.exe" to keep few FP-exe-files in one dir (for Physycis 2.4 / 2.5).
  • [01.05.2013] v0.6-24 Fixed error with error message then drivers for PS3Eye is missing. Improve FPLoader.exe. Added "Backbox" menu to position & scale backbox
  • [27.04.2013] v0.5-23 Fixed error with "Simple PS3Eye" leading to "crash". New menu "style" - more clean.
  • [27.04.2013] v0.5-22 Fixed errors. Added "beta" plugin "Simpe PS3Eye" (required CL-Eye Platform SDK installed with "developer" libs)
  • [25.04.2013] v0.5-21 New cam view display (for single cam one big image). New options in "Simple Cam" plugin: "OpenCV max threads" to limit cpu usage, "Face Detection" switch to turn on/off processing of cam data. Added smoothing options in "reality" menu to remove jitterin from cam postion changes.
  • [22.04.2013] v0.5-20 Tweak in Simple Cam plugin.
  • [21.04.2013] v0.5-10 Plugins! Added support for pugins ... and ... "Spimply Cam" - take any web cam and test BAM in 3D.
  • [15.04.2013] v0.4-9 Added "Sensitivity" option to "WiiMote Cam"
  • [13.04.2013] v0.4-8 "New Light System" for head tracking.
  • [13.04.2013] v0.4-7 New menu layout, WiiMotes now work with HyperPin, improved HeadTracking Quality, new "setup assistant" view.
  • [04.04.2013] v0.3-5 Added Keyboard.cfg, Added Shift Y to Find my "eyes". It help to setup cams for cabs with thick glass on screen or then FOV cams make impossible to see player head and table surface at same time
  • [01.04.2013] v0.3-4 Added submenu Find my "eyes" to help set right CamY/Z right. (+ quick fix with menu. Now You can again select options below ScaleY in Wiimode)
  • [31.03.2013] v0.3-3 BAM appears to be stable. Minor fixes. Added "HappyCab" mode.
  • [29.03.2013] v0.3 Stability fix (new "hook" to system calls). First version for multidisplay.
  • [28.03.2013] v0.2-2 BAM now work with Physicist MOD (at last with v2.5.178 i tested). Fixed Angle value (now in degr.). One more error left. For new table Light position is set to (0,-2,0) and table become dark. So please move light to position above table. (fixed). Added default.cfg.
  • [27.03.2013] Reconstruction of the light system. Finally works as it should (version number changed to v0.2).
  • [26.03.2013] Fixed a bug related to the current directory. Now, BAM works with AutoHotkey.
  • [26.03.2013] Added Q key as menu button. (for users with strange French keyboard).


  • BAM_v1.5-290.zip
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  • BAM-OpenVR.zip
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Pinball Master
To add to this...there is a newer version of the pup plug-in that was added days ago. the rest of the 290 update remains the same.

So if you have 290.... you will still need to download and update BAM again (and OpenVR) to use my new PinEvent PUPStream 1.4 update....

...which was just released today :)