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BAM - LiveCatch work natively!


Pinball Wizard
Hello every one..

By working on Velocity script, i discover that flipper has "extra swing angle". Ex, if we set 48° for swing angle, when you kick, flipper goes to 52° and revert back to 48°.
With @AnonTet , we search for good EOS and LiveCatch system.. We find some things, but not really satisfiying... By discover native "Extra-swing", it make me an idea!
The problem with FP, it's we can't set a great EOS system, wich work only on few degress, with absorsion and good power, mass, and timing gestion... But "Extra-Swing" do it for us.

So there is nothing to do apart to add a condition in FlipperEXT sub like this :

if flipperEXT.Hit then
    Dim elasticCoef
        if   flipperext.angleDiff  > 44.1 then elasticCoef = 0: End if' where elastic coef should be really low for live catch.
        if   flipperext.angleDiff  =< 44 then elasticCoef = 0.6:' where elastic coef should be normal

            flipperExt.SetMaterial elasticCoef
end if

Just set elasticCoef at 0 for the "Extra-swing angle". Extra-Swing angle work like EOS should for. So, for a real 48° for swing, i use 44° in editor.. Kicking the ball goes up to 48°, and control it too. After controling, flipper revert back at 44°, but with no problem for mass and power. Also, if you want to make EOS Live Catch more difficult, just reduce the angle on witch you want Elascticty to 0. And because Flipper always revert back to 44°, to keep your initial Elasticty all the time.
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