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Big Bat Baseball (Minty, 1974) VP8

VP8 Flipperless Recreation Bat Bat Baseball Swings For The Fences v2.0 2020-01-28

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Patrick and tiltjlp have released Big Bat Baseball, a 1974 Counter Top game by Minty. A 10 ball game, the plunger is replaced with an actual bat, which is for some reason swung by a lefty every time. Your bat speed can be adjusted using the Flipper/Shift keys. As usual, tiltjlp was both the play tester and the sound man, and as such, tried to help keep the sounds interesting and amusing. Be sure to place BBNut, the lone mp3 file in your Music folder. Table Information provides a brief primer on baseball, and R pops up a window with more stuff to read. In addition to a rugular pinball score, Big Bat Baseball also tracks your Total Bases, just in case you need a tie breaker for bragging purposes. Don’t forget to place BBNut.mp3 in your Music folder, it livens up the game. Enjoy, Slugger, and grab your hotdog and soda before the action starts.




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I love these contraptions!

This is very neat and could be excellent with an altered image, I feel like I'm playing this game from the coaches box and the image needs to be centered.

Most of my gripes with druadic has been about images and the unreal colors and perspective of his releases, this is more realistic but needs some help with skew or something.

This is fine as it stands but needs graphics help to be a "homerun" , steroids or not....
The image is Really Bad!


PN co-founder
Big Bat Baseball has been updated to version 2 to correct a few minor glitches, which improves game play.Lan scoring and hit values have been added to the Table Information. For quick reference they are as follows:

There are 9 scoring lanes, with the middle lane worth 50 points, and working out from there, the lanes score 40, 30, 20, and 10 points in borth directions. Total hits score the middle three lanes 4, and moving outward, 3, 2, and 1 bases each. You can get it here.


Don't forget to place the mp3 file in your Music folder. See SS in first post above.