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Batman '66 Stern Tribute - P.E.C.M.

VPX Stern Batman '66 Stern Tribute - P.E.C.M. 1.1.0

No permission to download

Isaac Sauvage

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I haven't installed Pinball Emporium yet myself, but isn't the download supposed to be a zipped collection of media? After the recent update, it looks like it's sort of a wheel / backglass in JPG format, and nothing more.

I'd recommend double-checking that and re-updating if there's a problem.

Isaac Sauvage

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Pinball Wizard

Isaac Sauvage

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Thanks for taking care of this, matey! :-)

For me, it was the first time I'd actually downloaded a PE pack, and I enjoyed checking out the different resources in there. Btw, I also attached a preview of the cover for people to see, in the resource entry.

Also, please note: next time there's an issue like this, you don't need to release a new resource entry. Instead, you want to hit the darkish-blue "Post an update" button near the orange "Download" button.

Finally... the table looks great, and I'm off to check it out! :D

Isaac Sauvage

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I know there is an post an update button. I tried that multiple times. I even deleted the files and reloaded them but for some reason that Backglass image kept showing up when you tried to download.
Wow, I see.

Reminds me a little bit of a similar issue the site once had... I think it was in the Pinball Machines resource section.

Something about the way that section was configured at the admin / site level prevented... er, I -think- it was the resource images or uploads to function. So if the problem above can be replicated with another PE media pack entry, I'd guess there's something similar going on with the PE section.



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Thanks for Batman @cav01c14, I 'm not certain why post a update didn't work for you, make sure Release a new version is checked, Add a New version number is important and then Upload a file.

I tested it and it seemed to work, I don't have your icon image but feel free to edit and delete anything, this was just a test.



Pinball Nudger
When I copied the PUPPack to the root of Pinabll Emporium and tried to extract it. It extracted the bb6_orig to the root of Pinball Emporium. I had to extract it to Pinball Emporium\emulators\Visual Pinball\Tables_PUP. When I went to select it from Pinball Emporium, it did not have a title cover but a generic picture. I am still new to this. How do I change it to the Batman 66 cover?