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Nov 10, 2015
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xenonph submitted a new resource:

Battlestar Galactica (Williams 1980) Mod v1.4 - A mod of Allknowing2012's Scorpion (Williams 1980).

Battlestar Galactica (Williams 1980) Mod v1.4

Version 1.4
Added JP's Lut's script.
Press and hold Left Magna-Save, then press Right Magna-Save to toggle the different Lut's.
I moved the bumper pics to "L" key, and FS Backdrop pics to "K" key, as these were assigned to the Magna-Save keys previously.
If you click the Backdrop, and Options button in the editor when table is loaded, you can set the table to your desired Lut image on right side of editor, and then save table so this will become...

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Another one of my favorite mods.
Cool table @xenonph though at my command I just had to go bigger on the DT table POV. So much so that some backdrop lighting effects are taking shark bites out of the table, just wondering what the best way is to fix that?

Attached are the screenshots and a zipped DT VP POV file.


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The one light just lights up thrusters behind ship so you could just move it off screen.
You will notice all these lights are grouped, so click on one of the orange lights, (one that you are not moving), and then click the light you want to move, and it will ungroup it, so all the lights are not moved when you move the light.
You may also need to move the the 1st light above word Battlestar and move it up and over until nothing interferes with table.


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Thanks @xenonph for the solution, all fixed now.

Cheers! :cheers:
xenonph updated Battlestar Galactica (Williams, 1980) VPX with a new update entry:

Battlestar Galactica (Williams 1980) v2.0

Added modified JPSalas LUT Toggled with Buy-In Key (2 Key).
Added modified JPSalas LUT script combined with STAT's TEAM Change script.
Now all pic changes are saved and loaded on next table run.
Droptarget pics toggled with M Key. Now saved and loaded on next table run.
Apron pic toggled with N Key. Now saved and loaded on next table run.
Bumpercap pics toggled with Left Magna-Save. Now saved and loaded on next table run.
FS Backdrop pics toggled with Right Magna-Save. Now saved and...

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