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    Also, here's our browser games collection, for those who are playful.
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Beam me up, Bob!


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SpaceMan said:
cut back to impulse power... :drummer: :msgoodguy:

Surry capun, but I'm beyond the 4 hours of stiff impulsing and must consult with Bones or find Commander
Uhura stat.

Isaac Sauvage

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@Tii, @bob

Going to Warp factor Nine! ✨

I quite like that song, and have practiced it for karaoke nights.

I can do the various voices, but near the end, they run together so quickly that it can be a real challenge. Almost need a professional at that point, or maybe a friend to take some of the lines.

As a big fan of Star Trek TOS and the Flintstones, I thought this one was pretty cute:

Not a masterpiece or anything, but it has a few good moments, like at 1:15, when we see how a Stone Age teleporter works (lol).
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