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Beverly Hillbillies Bagatelle


Pinball Player
Hi All,

I have finished BHB as far as it goes (for now). Gameplay is fairly straight forward and all cups and kickers are reachable.

Come and get it at www.pinball-originals.com (It's a large file 6.43 Mb) and if I don't get the chance to upload it here this week maybe Jon or John could do it instead.............. maybe.........

If you hit either of the centre cups, it is possible to time the re-launch so that the ball bounces back into the same cup to get higher scores. This is very tricky though and takes timing and a bit of luck.

Scores are as shown on table. "PINS" score ten points each hit.

If you hit the cups for 2500 or 5000 you get a chance to shoot the ball in any direction as per the eight main compass points. This is done by watching the spinning lights to lainch when the right one is lit. press the plunger key to re-launch the ball from a cup.

Press "5" for number of players and "1" to start the game

Attract lights and "Slide Show" turn off during play apart from when the cups are hit.

A later release may have more intricate use of the "TV" screen.

Hope you enjoy "Beverly Hillbillies Bagatelle"

C Ya



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PN co-founder
Really nice bagatelle Rocky, but I keep expecting it to last for 10 balls like home-sale bagatelle did. Now if you want to continue in this direction, you could make a follow up table based on Jetho's dumbest stunts. But I guess you'd have to have way too many modes to over all his boneheaded ideas. Your directional kicker is a pretty nifty effect.

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