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Big Show playfield and special version of Bally Malibu Beach


Pinball Nudger

The following is to let you know, that a friend have bougth me a Bingo Bally "Big Show" playfield.

So eventually, I will try to let make it work with my Special version of Bally Malibu Beach
recreated table.

The Big Show table is very similar as the Bally Malibu Beach,
the layout are quite the same, the only items that are missing are the two roll over
and two lamps beside the rollover.




PN co-founder
Nice friend you have there Regis. Good luck finding those missing parts. If you take any pictures, you can upload them into our Image Gallery.



PN co-founder
I have no idea why the Image Gallery gives some folks so much grief. Your way works too, but you could also add them as attachments to your post, up to four per post.

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