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Bingo !!! (or why Hung owes me >$1500 in US-$)


Pinball Nudger
yep, thats right... big-time bingo !!!

now, how do i contact Hung to get my payout?
i am of course, only kidding, no need to call in the feds!

58 quarters inserted, 6340 ready to collect.

thats $15 seed money for a $1585 payout!
click, click, click, click, click, click, click, infiniti :D


im the guy that sent the email to jon
after finding my way to the Malibu bingo,
and was SO EXCITED to be "nudjing" a bingo table.
it was a real malibu that stole most of my quarters
approx 25 years ago.

anyway... thanks for the game guys. BIGTIME !!!

here is the proof: default odds and tilt sens.
was was slowed to a more realistic slope/speed though.

PS- if Hung dont want to send me the money,
he SHOULD at least send me a new "R" key!
mine will be worn to failure very soon.

heres the pic (i hope anyway!)


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PN co-founder
Glad you found some Bingos to play. It sounds like you're an expert at nudging. I used to play a lot of bingos while in high school, and still enjoy firing them up, but I'm not nearly as good as you. I quess you do know we have more bingos that just Malibu Beach, right?

You might also find our collection of novelty arcade and video remakes fun as well. Welcome aboard, and let me know if you ever collect from Hung.



Site Nudger
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Nice game ThrillBilly! :o

I'm happy that you allowed me to share your email, it was pretty much my reaction when I discovered Visual Pinball.