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Black Knight (Williams, 1980) VP9

VP9 Williams SS Recreation Black Knight VP9 v2.1 2020-01-28

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Solid State Machines


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Here it is a table which doesn't need introduction: Black Knight made by Williams in 1980. Black Knight was the first table to use facelet inserts, magna saves, two playfields.

I made this table for two friends from Argentina, Jolo and Leo so they can use it in their cabinet. The table is angle independent, so it is easy to change the view and to rotate it, there are a few instructions in the table info.

Not much more to say about the table, it is a standard JP VP9 table :) With fading lights and fast action :)



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Pinball Wizard
VP9 has defined new buttons for the magnasaves. If you go to the menu Preferences, Keys, you'll see the keys defined there. I used the default names. And as default those magnasaves keys er defined as the Left and Right CTRL keys.


nope it doesn't run. I keep getting that dreaded 'can't create off-screen z-surface) then it crashes to desktop. I tried checking (and Unchecking the 'hardware rendering' box), saving, exiting them running it again. but no luck. same with that 'Pass It On' table, same results. I can work on the PIO table but I can't see the flippers or plunger so can't really play it. oh well such is the life with an intel pos. (piece of shit)


Pinball Wizard
Updated the table to version 1.1

I have merged the changes from the alternate version (backdrop scoring lights, the Black Knight backdrop and the bell sound) with the regular version.

New in this 1.1

- gameplay adjustments by kristian, making the table a little more difficult and chalenging
- added Gi (it only turns off during the attract mode and multiplay)
- added new angle independent rails, making the table now completely angle independent.

Take a look at the table info for a few tips about changing angles :)



appropriate at this time
It looks nice. I can't wait until I'm able to try it.
Meanwhile, I have moved farther into the country. I need to get a dish for the net.


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I'm on XP Pro and opened the .hta (game rules) file and could not close it.
I tried right-clicking the taskbar tab and there was no menu. I tried right-clicking on the window and there was no menu. I had to use Task Manager (CTRL-ALT-DEL) and guess which process was the .hta file to close it. It was listed as "mshta" under Processes.

Can you add a Close menu option to the program, or is it time to upgrade my version of Windows?


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Okay, I can press F4 and Alt to exit the .hta screen, though I wonder how many people know to use it?

faralos, try clicking the Windows Start button on the lower left corner of the Desktop Taskbar > Run and type DXDiag. A new window should open. Wait for the blue fill bar to disappear, then at the top click the Display tab and check to see if any of the three functions are disabled, Direct3D, Hardware Acceleration, and whatever else is there and click the buttons to Enable them. Then try the table. You might need to upgrade DirectX to DirectX 9c, available at the Microsoft site, but don't do it if your copy of Windows is pirated/borrowed from someone else's disk/illegal because MS will hit you with a "Genuine Advantage" check of your system and if your copy is not legal, they might cripple your system until you buy a copy. You might get this check of your system before being allowed to download DirectX or when you try to install it. The check program is sometimes included in the downloads.


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You might need to upgrade DirectX to DirectX 9c, available at the Microsoft site, but don't do it if your copy of Windows is pirated/borrowed from someone else's disk/illegal because MS will hit you with a "Genuine Advantage" check of your system...
Of course one can always download the latest redist instead.


No WGA checks that way because its for offline installation,...


Pinball Wizard
The reason why I used a .hta is because it is a plain html document, easy to change and easy to use. The way to use it is:

- Press "R" to get the help/rules text while playing the table
- Press any key to close the window.

I made it like this with the people who own cabinets in mind. They can assign a key to the "R" key to get the rules, pressing that same key will close the window.



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Ah, I'm too mouse dependent. Didn't even think to press a key.

Maybe you could add "Press any key to exit" in the text screen?

Oh, Btw, excellent version of Black Knight! Thank you. :)
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