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VP8 Williams SS Recreation Blackout 2.2 (Williams 1980) released

Solid State Machines


Pinball Wizard
Blackout 2.2
Yet another update.

-GI support (the game flashes when you get Blackout)
-PD's fading lights system
-Animated bumpers
-New backglass & lights (from MrHide's gallery)
-Mech sounds
-Split reel display
-New flippers & settings
-Gameplay tweaks

Available at ShivaSite and AJ's.


Pinball Nudger
Thanks for this update. All your tables feature great graphics and gameplay and are among my favorites.
I do have a problem with this one though. The lane change lights are so dim on my system that I can barely see them. I already have my monitor brightness turned up and do not have this problem with other tables. Is there anything I can do to brighten them?
Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.



Pinball Wizard
Bytster, the lane change lights work just ok.

Sometimes lights just "disappear". It's a known VP bug and it has nothing to do with the table. Quit the editor and restart the game and they should work again.