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Blue Ribbon up next


PN co-founder
Thanks to images from Cliffy, Bally Blue Ribbon will probably be my next flipperless release. I'm also working on Gottlieb's Flying Trapeze, but FT will require a lot of work, since it has a very involved rules set, with a lot of mechanical ball manipulation.

Blue Ribbon will be a lot easier, since it's quite similar to Airway, with the closing ball covers and the ornate Score Totalizer. The SS shows the original dark playfield, but the release version will also offer the brightened playfield to choose from.



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PN co-founder
So far it's been fun. Thanks for the great images and gameplay info. The way you could really help is to send a cool breeze my way. It's supposed to be 98 Monday and 95 Tuesday, and the room where my computer is doesn't have AC. So if you folks don't hear from me for a few days, I'm avoiding the heat, and enjoying the AC in the front room.

When it cools off enough to finish Blue Ribbon, I'll send it your way for testing, Cliffy.

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