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Bouncerino Trade Stimulator released


PN co-founder
Patrick & tiltjlp have released an challenging game. You drop your nickel, just 5 cents, into the slot at the top, and if you're lucky you can wim a dime, a quarter, 50 cents, or $5.00 in trade. With our game, you'll win a lot more often than happened in real life. You even have a chance to win the $5.00 grand prize, which I doubt even really happened. In order to have a shot at the big money, you'll need to nudge ever so gently, but don't tilt the game or you lose your nickel.

A nickel isn't much thses days, but Bouncerino was made in the 30s most likely during the Depression, and a nickel was like what $5.00 is today. The $5.00 grand prize would be like wimming $50.00 today, so most players were willing to take a chance. We've even simulated a payout for you sporting types who like to think big.

Note that Bouncerino has an illustration of a side-view nude. It's tame by today's standards, but surely raised wyw brows back in its day. And while it is tame, it really isn't suitable for young cjildren.




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PN co-founder
Hope you enjoy Bouncerino. If you want to try a really hard challenge, give Coppers a go. You can win, but the odds are really against you.

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