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Britain's got Talent!

Isaac Sauvage

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that performance and this one:
YouTube - Paul sings Nessun Dorma high quality video/sound widescreen 16:9

...both simply amazing and heart-warming.

to quote myself:

"this guy may serve as an inspiration to me since i like singing and dancing. i don't do it in front of others much but have received favorable impressions from the occasional times that i perform. i'm going to chautauqua institute in the summer and i think i'll sign up for vocal classes this time. i tried singing a bit of "nessun dorma" just now and it went pretty well until i got to the high parts, which i am utterly incapable of right now. but maybe with some training... :)"


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Both have a great voice.

Thats the difference between real talent (as in artist) and being an artificially created entertainer (as in producer-sponsored make-up bombs who cant sing to save their life),...


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Susan Boyle sang the same song in the finals of Britain's Got Talent as she did in the audition, she sang it better, looked better, but lost to this dance group, they performed a different routine on each of their 3 performances of the show. Here's a link to their performance that will make them a trivia answer for years to come. Who beat Susan Boyle in the finals of BGT? These guys.... BTW, I watched all three of their performances on YouTube and I think they deserved to win, even though Susan Boyle will make big bucks on a couple of albums before she goes nuts and returns to her simple life of living with a cat.

YouTube - Diversity: Dance Group - Britain's Got Talent 2009 - The Final

Isaac Sauvage

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i have criticisms of both performances.

the dance troupe was absolutely fantastic in their choreography and execution, but by their choice of genre and style, i felt no sense of soul, rhythm or natural progression... which is probably why i didn't feel moved or feel any particular emotions other than "wow". the performance was like brilliant human fireworks, but that's not the spirit of dance IMO and not something that resonates after the performance is done.

susan to me looked a lot more worn down. gone was that charming energy (actually i could only bear to watch the first half, so maybe it returned after that point), mischeviousness and devil-may-care attitude. she was made up a lot better this time but actually looked heavier, perhaps due to eating under stress in recent weeks. so i felt kind of sad for her, really. i also would have preferred her to sing a different song, at least partly for strategic reasons, since it could only suffer when compared to the miraculous reception and event of the first version.

anyway, i do feel glad for her, since she's made it through this very stressful period of scrutiny and uncertainty and can now concentrate on her recording contracts and reaping the rewards for her years of hard work. not that there won't be pressure, but it should be lessened, hopefully.


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I'm with you Bob i really liked Diversity i thought they were awsome. I hope they make more dance compilations with more unique moves, i really loved when the guys put on the red hats and buzzed in like the judges pure genius, i think they were much better then Flawless even though i did like them to, they also had some great dance moves. Now at the end of June America's Got Talent comes on, i hope the people this time around are just as good as Wales, It will be hard because Wales has some very talented people i didn't realize that, but america is pretty good too so we'll just have to see what happens when America's got talent comes on. Dave P.
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