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VP8 Flipperless Recreation Buddy Bowling Released After 3 Years


PN co-founder
After nearly 3 years of tweaking, testing, and pulling our hair out trying to solve some scoring glitch, Nissananimal, Patrick, & tiltjlp have released Buddy Bowling. While the game still has a scoring goof now and then, I figure we’ve got it as close as we’re going to get it folks. If anyone is able to find the solution to the scoring problem, please let me know and you’ll not only have my gratitude, but will also receive proper credit. EA Nagey of Niagara Falls NY made Buddy A Bowling for export to Canada in the early to mid 1930s.

If you have ever bowled, you know the rules and scoring for Buddy Bowling. If not, it's simple, you get up to two balls per frame to knock down all ten pins.

If you knock them all down with the first ball, you earn an X, which is a Strike, and you score ten points plus the total of the next two balls. If you knock them all down with both balls, you earn a /, which is a Spare, and you score 10 points plus the total of the next ball.

In the 10th or last frame, there is an extra scoring box, to give you room for the extra ball earned by either a Strike or a Spare.

I have added our adjustable speed plunger feature, since a perfect launch might be helpful. But there is no tilting, because you’ll need every bit of your nudging skill if you hope to score well. A perfect score of 300 is impossible, and unless you are a nudging fool, strings of gutter balls aren’t unlikely. With all the testing and nudging I’ve done with Buddy, my last score was a rousing 104.

This has been a true labor of love for me, and I hope you enjoy this challenging game, which I dare say offers the highest number of balls, and the lowest high score of any pin game you’ll ever encounter. And as a first, I’m going to dedicate this table to Druadic’s father, who used to run bowling centers, and who is in very poor health.

Polish your ball and grab Buddy Bowling here:




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Pinball Player
Hi John,

I finally got around to playing Buddy Bowling. Great work on getting the scoring going. BUT, might I suggest some changes for a re-release.

1/ The score boxes are a bit blurred. that might be just my resolution (1280 X 1024) but I found it hard to see what the first ball score was.

2? I suppose you already thought of it, but I got a zero on one first ball and a five on the second for one frame and scored five. fair enough, but if I was to get any score but the zero, would the second ball have registered a spare or is it only if you score enough to complete the frame.

Great work anyway but I found the five shot too easy. Hit it nine out of ten tries for it, but then I found the strike cup next to the five quite hittable if you got the speed right.

Thanks for this interesting and fun table

C Ya



PN co-founder
Glad you like it Rocky. I play at the same resolution as you and don't have a blirring problem, but I'll look into it. Maybe changing the color of the score number font to yellow would make it easier to see. As for the scoring itself, you only get a spare /, if you score 10 with both balls in a frame, which gets you 10 plus the total on the next ball. A strike, which is all ten pins down with the first ball gets you 10 plus the total of your next two balls.