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Build your own family Bingo for 70$ and use VP for scoring


1 Bingo Parts to buy

Buy a Bingo playfield , with the lock/unlock holes system (the fiber board part with 25 holes and a spring) on the underside of the playfield (sometimes on sales on ebay, many times on sale at pinball shows. It will cost about 20$ without the cabinet and without the backglass.

Buy also a plunger (10 $) if not included, rubbers if some are missing, and pinball balls (10$).

2. Others parts to buy

Buy 2 feet of 10 cm and 2 feet of 20 cm (feet of bed, 3$ each), stick and fiber board or wood.

The final cost will be in the area of 70 $.

3 Prepare the Bingo

Keep only the lock/unlock holes system (the fiber board part with 25 holes and a spring ), remove all others parts of the under playfield

Then make a little box with fiber board under the lock/unlock system; to avoid the noise of the balls when you unlock the holes, put a piece of wool into it.

Screw the 4 feet and the plunger into place.

It's finished !

To play, put the ball in the plunger line with your hand, launch, and nudge.

4. Interesting notes :

The price, but also no noise and easy to store (interesting if you live in a town) , easy to move in the desired room when you want to play and never broken.

It will really interest your children, because there is no glass, nothing electric and they will be able to touch the game and the balls with their hands.

Interesting for a family : Play like a lottery. Make hard copy of different cards of true backglass and print them. Give one paper card to each player ( one will play with americana card, another with Bali.).
The players will launch a ball one after another. They write the winning number on their card. There is no limit of number of balls : the winner is the first to have a line. It is fun to play with 10 balls, reset after 10 balls, till one player win.

Interest for VP : Download the VP table TrueBali. Play with the true machine and tell the number of the holes you hit to the computer . The VP table will simulate that you play Bali and manage your scoring with all the rules of Bali).

Comment for the images :

Bingo buy : image just after bying it

Bingoback : image after removing unused parts and after adding the feet and the sides of the box on the lock/unlock system.

Bingofinishback : final image of the back after adding the bottom side,a piece of wood to push/pull the lock/unlock system and the plunger.

Bingofinish: final image of the machine, playing with 10 balls.


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PN co-founder
Thanks for a really interesting and neat project. I can see where someone with children could have a lot of fun making this a family project. Vrey creative idea Patrick.
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