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Sep 1, 2008
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Today my Buster Ball table is released. This table is for VP 9.x and higher only. In VP 8.x and lower the score lanes are overlayed by a white decal, which makes them invisible which results in the disability to count your score.

This is my first table and hopefully you like it, bugs can be reported in this thread. The table can be downloaded here:

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Thanks much for another Buster Ball, Themer!
The problem with the screen shot has been corrected, and Buster Ball has also been added to IRPinball.

Thank you very much for editing, I just updated the link in the first post. Hopefully a lot of flipperless fans like it :)
very nice work.
too many yellow areas.
What do you mean by too many yellow areas? It is a recreation so there was little to choose :)
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