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By trying to satisfy everyone you satisfy no-one.

Pop Bumper Pete

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Tiltjlb, I have much respect for you. You show a caring attitude always.
I feel that by changing Pinball Nirvana to suit everyone’s tastes, you end up pleasing no-one.
By trying to satisfy everyone you satisfy no-one.

You have added many new forum topics, but many are going unused.
You may wish to ask yourself and JPH, what is it that YOU want from this website, and are you achieving it?

After seeing in VPForum that you have added an unmoderated forum here, I really got to ask WHY? It will achieve nothing. Riff-raff will use it but I fear that their sewerage will taint all the good that is ‘Pinball Nirvana’

The only change this site needs, is on the front page the links to downloads, forum, search and home page could be more pronounced, they almost seem added as an after thought. I view VPForums in iMac theme, and I like it
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This site needs people to please before it can please anyone (i.e. more traffic). Given those new topics just appeared recently, I think it's a bit early to declare them unused or the changes a failure. It could hardly do worse than before, IMO. As for umoderated areas bringing "riff-raff", I think that's a pretty dismal view of freedom of speech, really. VPFF had its downsides, but it also had it's good points. Predicting achievements of nothing does nothing to further this site either, IMO. And if you REALLY liked the site as it was, how is it you only managed 8 posts in the past 10 months? I feel like I've hardly posted here at all since last September and still managed over 60 posts in 13 months.


whoa, I did not mean to call any thing a failure, but I do see how my word could be seen as a little harsh

As to my 8 posts in 10 months, you should know me pretty well from VPForum, how often do you see me post in the table authors section?
Most of my posts are in the real pinball section or in the out lane, as I have yet to finish one table I feel that the authors section is out of bounds for me, and I am also more interested in real pinball

Whilst I have downloaded and played a few tables from flipperless, and I apreciate the work that has gone into them, I cannot say that I would rather play flipperless rather than a flippered machine


PN co-founder
Dude, I'm glad that you see my reason for adding The Play Pen, to boost membership and traffic. And unmonitored is not exactly true, since I will keep an eye on the forum, and if my one and only rule is broken, the person breaking the rule loses access. If that rule is broken twice, I'll remove the forum. And yes, that's zero tolerance, but almost anything goes, so I think it's fair.

ManFromPost, I understand your concern, and appreciate your support of Pinball Nirvana. I would agree with you that there's no room for such a forum, except for the fact that it's locked to anyone who doesn't request access. And as a writer, I dislike censorship, although I realize that sometimes is has to be applied.

As for your suggestions about the front page, I'll think seriously about them, and see what might be done. There are two links on the front page and this page for Downloads, but maybe it could be a bit more obvious. And I do feel that it is my job, if possible, to make Pinball Nirvana all things to all members and visitors.

. Right now, the biggest need is to better organize our tables, so folks can find the type of game they are looking for. If possible, I hope to begin adding more specific groupings, such as pachinko & slots, bagatelle, sports themed, and so on. I work rather slowly, and all the changes take time, but I have nothing but time.



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TheManFromPost is correct in many ways.....

There are a bunch of misperceptions about Flipperless.com, this site was started with the domain name indicating my focus, the site has been very busy since it's creation!

Some people base success on # of forum posts, this is ignorant....

This site is very close to the same bandwidth as it was before the name change and increased forum participation, always over the limit... :lemon:????

I have many emails from flipperless fans from around the world that don't play pc pinball....


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The word is riffraff, oh and btw here is what google says...

disparaging terms for the common people

The Macquarie Dictionary says...

the worthless or disreputable element of society..

How truly 1337 (ignorant) must one be to even utter such bollocks! :p


Add-a-ball specialist
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I shall always prefer to hangout with the commoners... Give me access to the neighborhood bar or pub any day over the exclusive and private clubs of the rich and famous or stuck up small minds of the bigoted. I will always stick up for the little guy, the goofy guy or the dim witted guy... I never jump on the bandwagon of a winner just because they're winning.

What does this have to do with a Free Forum? Not a friggin' thing, but I felt like makin' a speech. :)


PN co-founder
Now that was one of teh finest speeches I've read in days not having anything to do with a Free Forum. I might just write you in on my ballot for Town Orator. Now if only you'd stop hiding behind that mask of yours.