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Can anyone identify a game for me. (VPinmame)


Pinball Nudger
Wondering if anyone can identify a pinball machine for me. There are only 2 pinball machines I have ever played long enough to remember and want to play again.

One is Fish Tales which is running 100% in Visual Pinmame.

The other one I cannot remember the name of. Just some identifying features.

It had a knight theme and a castle in the middle of the table. You had to unlock various bits and the drawbridge to the castle would come down when you hit it enough times with the ball. I think it was a williams game but I am not certain of that.

It definately had samples on it and I would assume would be a similar era to Fish Tales. They used to have one at Essex University until the glass got smashed by someone jumping through it (while I was playing it, hmm).

If anyone can remember the name I'm looking forward to playing it again.

Cheers, Guitar.